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Fine makeup requires attention to every detail. That is why the eyebrow brush is so important: it helps to finish the production, enhance the look and correct any flaws in the threads. Check below which are the best options among the brushes available on the market!

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What is the best eyebrow brush


It can be a brush with a short or long handle, with straight or slanted bristles. The best brush is the one that fits your needs – be it contouring your eyebrow, filling in spaces or adjusting the finish to achieve the ideal shape. How to find the right brush? Testing! So, you find the type that makes your style more.

How to replace the beveled brush?

Although the beveled eyebrow brush is widely used, you can, of course, choose different shapes – and get great results. Just look:

  • Brush to outline: you don’t need to just make an outlined kitten with this type of brush. Because it is thin, it helps to draw the tip of the eyebrows.
  • Square brush: you know the beginning of the eyebrow, which has a more straight shape? The square brush can make it easier to make these strokes.
  • Cat tongue brush: ideal for concealer, this brush can be used when finishing the eyebrows, contouring them.

They say that the eyebrows are the frame of our face, so choose a good brush to enhance your expression!

The best brushes for eyebrows

From expensive to cheap, find below 5 great brow brushes and see what the bloggers think about them:

1. Sigma Beauty E75 Angled – $$$$

With short and chamfered bristles, this brush is indicated to fill in the eyebrow flaws. The bristles of Sigma products, in fact, stand out for their softness and precision, guaranteeing a professional effect.

“It is super-precise and perfect for small details.” – Stephanie Suero

2. Bevel Brush Mariana Saad MS13 Océane – $$$

With soft and chamfered bristles, this brush can be used in different ways. On the eyebrows, it helps to leave the firm and symmetrical strokes effortlessly. It is easy to handle and to clean as well.

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“Océane says that he is specific for eyes, but I would add other functions for him too. You can blend a shadow under the eyes, outline, fix the eyebrow, apply lipstick … I found it multifunctional. ” – Marina Gutler

3. Avon Duo Brow Brush – $$

The Avon brow brush has two functions in the same product: on one side, there is a brush to keep the strands in place and on the other, the brush to fill in the eyebrows. The brush part is straight and with firm bristles.

“I thought his density was great and very accurate. I thought I would not like it, because I am used to the bevel, but it is very good, it has the ideal firmness. I loved the brush! ” – Etiele – Makeup Guria

4. Duo Mary Kay eye brush – $$

With a brush side and an eyeliner brush side, this Mary Kay product has very firm bristles and an angular shape. With the same brush, you can either finish your eyebrows or outline your eyes.

“This is the duo brush and I loved it. The old one came with a brush, like a comb, and I always liked to use this one that is like an eyelash mask applicator. To smudge, I think he’s better. ” – Sabrina Santos

5. W104 Macrilan Beveled Brush – $

The Macrilan brow brush enchants for its affordable price, but also for being a great product. The bristles are soft and the white handle is a charm apart. Good option for those who are starting to assemble their makeup kit.

“I think an honest brush, good for applying shadows on the eyebrow, root of the lashes and inner corner of the eyes. You can use it to apply eyeliner, but it’s not the best for this function. ” – Letícia Almeida

Brush chosen? Beauty! The next step is the product to do the filling. Check out good eyebrow shadow options and learn how to use!

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