Funny Thanksgiving jokes: 4 tips for killing it this season


You are wondering how to add humor to the Thanksgiving, right? We understand that selecting the best thanksgiving jokes could be an effort.

Among other things, you are concerned about selecting the one which fits all sizes. You don’t want to make eyes roll while at the table munching turkey.

We recall a thanksgiving jokes experience shared by a grandmother who went to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at her granddaughter’s. According to her, one of the friends of her son-in-law ended up ruining the day with a thanksgiving joke he made around how some kids grew up not knowing what turkey meant to Thanksgiving Day.

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It made her grand-daughter go blues because having turkey on Thanksgiving Day was a hard thing for the family while growing up.

Too poor!

It was an effort to make everyone laugh which didn’t end well. Even the young man who tried to give thanksgiving jokes felt bad and horrible.

So, it’s okay that you are doing this to make everyone laugh this thanksgiving. You need to get it right so that your friends and families don’t end up picking bones with you.

But since it’s going to be a gathering of kids, teens, and adults, you have to be careful with your selections. First, you don’t want to use foul language before your kids and teens. Second, you don’t want to make jokes that adults would find offensive.

When it comes to selecting thanksgiving jokes, you have a lot of options. You can simply play on words, recall funny ridiculous moments that everyone, irrespective of age, can relate with.  

We want to share some tips with you.

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4 Tips for a Memorable Thanksgiving Jokes

1. Be Relatable.

For your turkey jokes to create the right impression, it needs to be relatable. So, even if they didn’t pay to watch you crack thanksgiving jokes, it must be worth the attention you got as everyone enjoys the turkey.

At this point, it’s okay to specifically prepare funny thanksgiving jokes for kids. You should understand that they are impressed more by what they see – visuals. So, you should consider getting incorporating funny thanksgiving images.

From another instance, you can read them thanksgiving stories from books designed to make kids laugh on Thanksgiving Day.

Not only will your kids laugh while you read the stories to them, but they will also find moral lessons to pick from them. See a typical example here.

2. Use Riddles

On the other hand, you could include riddles as thanksgiving jokes. For example, you can pass the riddles around each person at the table to provide an answer.

3. Incorporate Contest

To add more fun to your funny thanksgiving jokes, you could turn it to a contest in which anyone who can provide the correct answer to riddles, for example, has the first chance to cut a piece of Thanksgiving turkey.

Not only will doing so make it more interactive, but it will also be a great way to spend the holiday memorably. Believe it, the family will always look forward to it.

Some of the riddles you can learn from are:

  • What do you call a turkey in a race?
  • Fast food.
  • What’s with legs but unable to kick the door open?
  • A turkey.
  • What’s the best outfit for Thanksgiving Day?
  • Har –vest.

The list is endless. You can always find great ideas for thanksgiving jokes online.

4. Be creative

Playing on words, serving riddles at the table requires creativity. Say thank you to comedians next time you see them.

That doesn’t mean you can’t successfully crack some thanksgiving jokes. You only have to put in your creative best.

To make things easier, you can prepare a list. It’s okay if you want to study the list and know them by heart or pick from the list while dining at the table.

And if you are finding it hard to come up with ideas for Funny thanksgiving jokes, you can ask everyone who will be around on Thanksgiving Day to prepare jokes, puns, and riddles.

28 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes Images


Thanksgiving jokes is a fun part of Thanksgiving Day. Don’t be surprised that it’s what almost everyone looks forward to apart from thanksgiving wishes and gifts.

So, thinking ahead about it and understanding that the options – riddles, play on words, and so on, need to be relatable and appropriate for the gender and class of everyone at the table.

As long as you are creative, you can never run out of ideas for thanksgiving jokes. It’s okay if you want to prepare a list ahead.

We can’t wait to share the memory with you.


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