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By Gabriela Naomi

On March 30, 2001

The marsala color is a super trend that has won many hearts. Whether in clothes, hair or makeup, this color is synonymous with beauty and style! If you have already adhered to the marsala hair and want a tip to keep the color without damaging the strands, the solution is to bet on the marsala mattress. Check out the best options on the market and learn how to use this product.

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Top 5 best marsala tints for you to transform your look

The marsala mattress is the perfect option to restore the vitality of the hair without damaging it. This product guarantees color and intense shine, besides being super practical to apply at home. Therefore, to help you choose the ideal marsala mattress, we have selected the best options available on the market. Follow:

1. Red tinting capillary mayonnaise Salon Line – $

This tinting mask is enriched with olive oil, goji berry and red fruits that provide a very moisturizing result and the maintenance of color. Also, the mask is released for those who do the low techniques and in the poo, it is 100% vegan and suitable for all types of hair. In addition, it has an easy application with an action time of 5 to 10 minutes.

“There is no way you can buy and dislike this mask. It is very pigmented, very fragrant, I just loved it! ” – Miranda Daniela

2. – Maxton shade mask liberty mask mystical redheads Embelleze – $

In a super practical packaging, the Embelleze mask is perfect for those looking for a more purplish marsala tint. In addition to toning the threads, leaving the marsala color more intense and uniform, the product has moisturizing action and does not damage the hair.

“Look at that wonderful color! I was speechless! […] Guys, this mask I felt that it super hydrated and reactivated my hair color a lot. So it moisturizes and activates the color at the same time, it didn’t damage my hair at all, nothing, nothing. And it is compatible with any type of chemistry. ” – Jessica Santini

3. Keramax Color Skafe marsala toning mask – $$

This product is enriched with amino acids that guarantee the recovery of hair fiber and intense hydration. Another feature of this mask is its super pigmentation which results in a more intense marsala and pulled into the wine. In addition, it recovers the vitality of the strands, leaving hair shiny and loose.

“I really loved it, I loved the result! My hair was hyper mega hydrated, I never saw a toner that super hydrates the hair. ” – Bianca Matos

4. Amend marsala vibrance mask – $$$$

Amend’s mask may have a slightly higher price, but it has a great cost benefit. That’s because the product has a different formula with antioxidant actives and sunscreen to prevent color fading. Its composition has Indian date that provides hydration and intense shine to the wires. Also, it is super pigmented, leaves the hair with a darker marsala tone.

“I have the feeling that I just dyed my hair. In addition to the hair being super hydrated, soft, fragrant, I don’t know, it seems that I did a super treatment, only with the toner. ” – Jessica Santinni

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5. Magic Color gloss 3D marsala – $$$$$

The Magic Color brand specializes in tinters and is the darling of bloggers. The marsala mattress of the brand has the 3D gloss effect. This technology consists of particles of shine that adhere to the threads, forming a protective film, leaving the hair very shiny and with a uniform color. It also has good durability and the effects of rebuilding and nourishing the hair.

“Look how it changed only with the toner. I didn’t have to paint, it hid the root too, it was as if I had painted, but it wasn’t painted, it was toned. So it continues with hydration, it remains silky, it doesn’t break, it doesn’t damage. I’m super satisfied, I love the color! ” – Laura Wolff

Were you able to decide the best marsala matte for you? The most interesting thing is that this product is super practical and you avoid damaging the hair with the dye. That is, now there is no excuse for not adhering to this trend!

How to use marsala matizer

The marsala mattizer has a very intense color and can scare you before the first use. With that in mind, we have selected some tutorials on how to use this product at home and without stress. Then, see our selection below.

Color maintenance with marsala mattizer

It is very important to maintain the hydration of the colored threads for the color to have a good durability. In this video, you can check some product and care tips to avoid the oxidation of the marsala color and keep your hair always perfect for rocking!

Homemade marsala matizer

The money is short and you have no problem venturing into capillary mixes? Then this video is for you! Learn how to transform an ordinary white cream into a beautiful marsala mattress with gentian violet. But remember to take the allergy test and let the violet alcohol evaporate, okay?

Important tips for marsala hair

Here, we have selected a video with the main tips for you that will enter the world of colored hair. Although beautiful, the marsala color requires some care. See in the video how to prevent fading, what not to do with dyed hair and more!

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Bet on the marsala mattress to keep your hair always healthy and with an incredible color! Enjoy and see how to use this color in makeup with marsala lipstick.

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