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It’s okay for you to be selfish when it comes to pompoirism, after all, your health and your pleasure should be a priority throughout practice. Dr. Eveline also adds: “Pleasing the partner is a consequence, not the main reason for practicing pompoirism”.

How to start practicing?

It is very common to find online courses on the internet that teach pompoirism, but Dr. Eveline does not recommend this path. Each woman has a different need when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor, for this reason, it is essential that you seek a professional to make an assessment before starting to practice, as it is from this analysis that you discover which exercise is the ideal for you.

“The woman may have the false sensation that the vagina is contracted, when we make the movement of expulsion, however the ideal is a suction force. And 70% of women do not know how to do it, as they receive the wrong instructions without the assistance of a professional ”, says Dr. Eveline.

Wrong contractions, in addition to not providing the benefits of pompoirism, can also cause problems such as bladder infections. “I receive patients in my office, reporting that they have been instructed to stop the urine stream every time I go to the bathroom and this is dangerous, in addition to causing infections that also confuse the pelvic floor muscle, you may be in a market, feel urge to urinate and confused muscle, not understanding the command and you end up urinating in a public environment ”, reports Dr. Eveline.

Therefore, look for a professional specialized in the pelvic muscle and make an evaluation before starting the exercises. This is the safest and most effective way to get to know the musculature of your intimate region, taking advantage of all the benefits that pompoarism can provide.

10 recurring questions about pompoarism answered by the expert

It is very common to have curiosities about pompoarism, since this practice is still taboo. Some doubts are recurrent and were answered by Dr. Eveline Esteves. Check it out below:

Will I be able to give my partner more pleasure with pompoirism?

Dra. Eveline Esteves: “Many women seek treatment because they want to satisfy their partner. And my first advice is to prioritize your own pleasure and intimate health, your partner’s pleasure is just a consequence ”.

Can virgin women practice?

Dr. Eveline: “You can practice, but most of the time, without the use of intravaginal accessories. All guidance is done with the help of anatomical models, videos and images so that the woman understands the functioning of her body and how the division of the 3 vaginal rings worked in pompoirism works ”.

Who has IUD can practice pompoirism?

Dr. Eveline: “You can, but you need to pay attention, especially if she is going to use an accessory, since most of them have a silicone wire to facilitate their removal. Depending on the contraction, this cable may rise and when withdrawing, the woman may end up messing with the IUD position, since the device also has a cord. This is rare, but we need to raise the possibility because it exists ”.

Does pompoarism pose any risk to pregnant women?

Dr. Eveline: “There is no need to start the practice before the first 20 weeks, unless the pregnant woman has any complaints. In general, there is no contraindication, as long as the treatment is accompanied by a professional, after all, every body is different and the initial assessment is extremely necessary ”.

I have endometriosis, can I include pompoirism in my routine?

Dr. Eveline: “You can and should! We have wonderful results with patients who practice pompoirism together with pelvic physiotherapy, as it reduces the bleeding time and the cramps that are usually very intense for those who have endometriosis. It also helps to relieve and even eliminate pain during sexual intercourse, which is also quite common in these cases ”.

I have an infection. Should I suspend the practice?

Dr. Eveline: “Yea! As we saw earlier, pompoirism activates blood circulation and takes oxygen to the pelvic region, if there is an infection, the exercises can end up proliferating these bacteria and fungi present in the infection. The use of accessories must also be suspended to avoid reinfection ”.

Can pompoirism be done during the menstrual period?

Dr. Eveline: “Contractions and movements can be performed during the menstrual period. The only guideline is to use condoms in the accessories, if you use them in your exercises ”.

I don’t feel comfortable with accessories. Can I practice without them?

Dr. Eveline: “Yes you can. We do it without accessories with those who have not started their sexual life and also, with older women who do not feel comfortable or prepared to use vibrators, dilators or Thai balls, indicated during the practice ”.

Does pompoarism hurt?

Dr. Eveline: “Does not hurt. It can happen to hurt when you buy the wrong accessories. In the initial evaluation and throughout the treatment, equipment with different weights and sizes is tested, to find out which model is best for each case. It is not just buying and going out ”.

Can I start alone at home?

Dr. Eveline: “You can even take an online course, as long as you look for a professional in the field beforehand for the initial assessment. This part of the process is very important and cannot be skipped. If, during the pompoir exercises, you are sure that the contraction is correct, the chance of giving a problem is minimal. You just won’t go shopping for courses and accessories without knowing anything about that muscle and contraction movements, because it happens very often, the patient gets worse instead of enjoying the expected benefits ”.

The practice brings several benefits to your intimate health, makes you explore your body and discover new possibilities of feeling pleasure. Did you have any questions? Get in touch with a professional in the field and start this path of self-knowledge.

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