Glamorous Long Dresses


How to wear a long and elegant dress

A long dress can be the perfect piece to wear at a day party, a graduation, or an evening wedding. I will show you some alternatives to wear more sophisticated outfits at any time.

Elegant pieces have nothing to do with stones and a lot of shine, or ostentatious designs, or at least it is not the advice I use. You can maybe wear a floral pattern and still look perfect.

In this sense, I will show you some models that are heart attack.

Make use of long skirts

Currently they are very fashionable and their outfit is so jovial that you can wear to an event during the day and also at night, you just have to customize it.

Photo 1

In my first proposal I bring you a guava colored skirt, combined with a top in black and with a bare shoulder. Where to go with this style:

  • A late-night wedding
  • A work party
  • Your child’s graduation

This second idea is characterized by a strong print in fuchsia that combines perfectly with the top of that color, and that also adds a one-shoulder neckline, with long sleeves. Consider it if you are going to a day wedding, or, if you are going to the christening of a little prince.


The floral print does not cease to impress in terms of the new designs of long dresses, in this third proposal I advise you to wear a wide skirt in a bench tone, black print and a black corset, V-neck and long sleeves.


If you don’t want to wear a floral pattern, then try a striped pattern. See how this model looks with blue stripes that stands out in a dress with a round neck and long sleeves. Take advantage of this option to attend a wedding during the winter.


Dots or polka dots are another of the most infallible proposals to not only look great, but also inspire a fresher tone. Big dots, or small dots, both will look great.

Achieve a charm girly with lace patterns

Lace is one of the most feminine and romantic elements that can be highlighted in the making of dresses. This subtle and cute captivating detail can also be found in the long dress trend.

Only if you are a pretty girl under the age of 30, I recommend this cute model. A tulle skirt that is displayed through a looser finish, and that gives the illusion of reaching the loose. It is made of pearl lace and attractive due to the shape of its appliques.


Maybe you hadn’t thought of a satin green, but I did. On many occasions I have seen classic women who go for more neutral tones and do not dare to use a more proportional color.


How about trying this green A-line satin, with great lace on the magas corset and a pretty full skirt.

If you want to highlight your body figure, consider a mermaid cut dress. In this cut there are many options, in this sense I guide you to wear a lace model with some shine.


More sophisticated shades

The color greatly influences the style of the dress, for this reason I tell you that there are certain colors that will help you create a more elegant outfit. This does not mean that you cannot dare to use warmer tones.

For example, if you want to keep a more classic look, maybe your option could be a black dress, long, sweetheart neckline and sleeves up to the shoulder.

black dress

Blue is another shade that goes very well with this type of more sophisticated dresses.

Although a long suit in burgundy, lead gray, or sky blue will never hurt your neck, it all depends on the occasion and also on your skin tone.

Last tips

Before choosing any of these options consider the following:

  • Party place
  • Chance
  • Dress etiquette
  • Place
  • Time

He also considers that it is important to always look as less informal as possible, there are times when this mistake can be huge, so always try to stand out.

Also take into account your age, it is important that you never try to show yourself as “very young” or “very old”, there is nothing worse than hiding how old we are. The tightest, most tender outfits and in more pastel colors, is for those women under 35 years of age.

Never try to look so sexy, when we talk about a more sophisticated style, necklines and transparencies are unnecessary, and this does not mean that you will stop looking beautiful.

For example, Doña Letizia Ortiz has never been seen, sporting an overwhelming neckline, or Carolina Herrera with a crop top, maybe that will be better for quinceañeras, if your approach is to look more elegant, then forget about that.

Before dressing, consider the use of basic pieces, discreet accessories and a lot of assertiveness when speaking. Style is not only defined by what you wear, but also by what you exude.

For the rest, take into account a good makeup, a nice hairstyle, and the appropriate shoes. Only then, you can perfectly wear a long party dress.

If you liked my advice, please do not stop commenting on me. I will read you and I will be willing to respond.

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