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by Ana Carla

On 06.12.21

Do you already talk about homemade pre-poo? It’s a perfect method for those who want to give their hair up in a very simple, quick and creative way! Together with hairdresser Aldenice Nunes, this article is full of tips and recipes for you to learn how to make homemade pre-poo, learn about its benefits and contraindications. Check out!

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What is homemade pre-poo?

The pre-poo or pre-shampoo is a homemade combination of products that protect your hair! It is exactly what the name implies: “pre-poo”, that is, the step before shampoo. With the daily routine, washing your hair becomes something very automatic and we can forget about details that make all the difference. In this case, the detail is to apply the shampoo only to the hair roots. Once this is done, we must also protect the hair extension in the rinse.

That’s exactly what pre-poo is for. It should be applied to the hair extension before washing, as it is used to prepare your hair for shampoo application. The result of this protection is softer, fuller, hydrated and stronger strands.

Benefits of homemade pre-poo

Hairdresser Aldenice Nunes talks about the benefits of treatment prepared at home. Here are the main ones, check them out below!

  • Protects hair extensions and ends from the chemical components of the shampoo, including sulfate;
  • Ensures that the hot water from the shower does not damage the wires;
  • Provides hydration to the hair;
  • Prevents drying of the tips;
  • Leaves hair stronger, softer and shiny;
  • Helps to thicken hair more, avoiding split ends or with breakages.

She also points out that pre-poo is “something very simple to be done, it doesn’t weigh on your pocket and it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it has several benefits for the hair.”

Care and contraindications

According to Aldenice: “the care to perform the pre-poo involves the details of each type of hair. For example, oily hair requires more attention at the ends, while drier hair needs care in the middle and at the ends”. There is no contraindication for homemade pre-poo, only more personalized care.

A valuable tip given by Aldenice is to always comb your hair very well after applying the pre-poo. It is recommended to do the pre-poo before every wash, but 3x a week already presents satisfactory results. Even if applied just 20 minutes before the bath, it already offers more protection! According to the hairdresser: “homemade pre-poo is indicated for all types of hair, but those that have gone through a chemical process ask for a higher frequency and are worth the time invested!”.

How to make homemade pre-poo

Making the pre-poo is very simple, the combinations can vary a lot, but the base is a mask or cream combined with another more specific product for your hair, such as aloe, honey, vegetable oil, among other options. Best of all, you don’t need to make the recipe every time you wash. Make and store your mix in the fridge, and it should last for 1 month.

After reading all these tips, how about seeing some practice? Check out 8 videos with recipes and different pre-poo applications to help you get to know and even adhere to the step in your hair routine!

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Homemade pre-poo ideal for thickening ends

Blogger Mirella Martins teaches a homemade pre-poo recipe to thicken the ends. It uses honey, keratin, colorless gelatin and vegetable oil.

Homemade pre-poo to help with growth

With more options, Mirella Martins indicates a new pre-poo recipe to stimulate your hair growth. It uses aloe, ginger and castor oil gel. In addition, this recipe works against hair breakage and scalp treatment.

Homemade pre-poo with honey

Blogger Nil Santos explains about the function of honey to thicken hair, which is why she teaches a recipe with moistening oil, honey and a combing cream!

Pre-poo using yamasterol

Bia Siqueira talks about the benefits of pre-poo and teaches a recipe with yamasterol! In addition to it, she uses vegetable oil and bepantol. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes before washing and that’s it!

Homemade pre-poo with apple cider vinegar

Want practicality? Leilah Santos makes a super-quick pre-poo tutorial with apple cider vinegar and water!

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Sugar in homemade pre-poo? Yea!

Andreza Siqueira teaches this recipe and indicates it for hair that is dry! She uses sugar, extra virgin olive oil and cream with castor oil.

Pre-poo with castor oil

Taty Oliveira shows you this easy and perfect recipe for thickening your hair using castor oil, honey and a base mask.

Homemade pre-poo with saline solution

Claudiane Diniz teaches a different pre-poo, with yamasterol, honey, extra virgin and natural coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and saline solution.

Now that you know everything about pre-poo, just choose the recipe that best suits your hair and adhere to this care for your hair health! If you liked this content, check out the top 10 hair care of all types!

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