Happy Halloween Quotes : 48 Best Halloween Sayings (2019)

“Different Happy Halloween Quotes and Sayings”

Halloween is always the happy and exciting day for everyone which is full of decorations, parties, stylish costumes, best quotes and sayings. This is the day which is full of happiness and blessings all around. People used to decorate their houses and buy tasty candies and beautiful costumes. All the people are happy and excited about Halloween day celebration. People meet each other and wish each other with lots of blessing and prayers.

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Happy Halloween quotes are best to wish each other and these quotes help to get in the holiday spirit. These lovely Halloween quotes make the people happy and inspire them to celebrate Halloween with full zeal. Kids and parents all become busy to search for the lovely costumes and in home decoration. Halloween is the day of celebration and joy.

On social media, people send best wishes, greetings, lovely quotes to their loved ones who are living far from them on Facebook or other social media. Halloween is the amazing way of getting together all family members, where they share their happiness, joys as well as do lots of fun and pray for each other. In this post, we will discuss some of the best happy Halloween quotes of all time.

Happy Quotes Happy Halloween!

Happy Quotes Happy Halloween!
Happy Quotes Happy Halloween!

There is much to talk about Halloween and its special night where people greet each other, give best wishes under one roof. Happy Halloween quotes are best to celebrate it with fun and throw water on each other. This day you are free to do lots of fun being away from all worries and tensions. This day comes once in a year so people love to freak out their friends and make them happy all the time.

People love to wear funny and sexy costumes to make their family and relatives happy and send awesome happy Halloween quotes to them. It does not matter which color or caste you belong to. It is the day where people enjoy the freedom of caste, color and creed. No differences between them at Halloween parties. This is the day which gathers all people under one roof to make them happy all the time. Halloween is the idealized time to celebrate when winter has arrived and fall is near to end. This is the best time of the year. People love to make scary and funny costumes on this special occasion. Few happy Halloween quotes and sayings are:

  • I am sexy and don’t waste my candy. Happy Halloween!
  • When black crow sits on Halloween tree, May luck be yours.
  • There is something special waiting for you on the moon. Happy Halloween!
  • Keep calm and eat more Halloween candy.
  • It’s Happy Halloween, go totally scary, freaky, ghostly and catty.
  • Let’s have a sweet costume filled Halloween!
  • Another year passed and you are coming to an older age. Happy Halloween!
  • Hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as birds and crows. Happy Halloween!
  • Wishing you a scary and silly Halloween.
  • Wishing you a cuteee-ful and boo-tiful Halloween full of parties!
  • May you eat all that you want. Happy Halloween!
  • May all your dreams filled with vampires, zombies and creepy creatures. Happy Halloween!
  • Have a happy and scary Halloween dark night!
  • May your three bags stuffed with chocolates and candies. Happy Halloween!
  • From your skeleton to my, may you have happy Halloween!
  • It’s okay to be a little scary today. Happy Halloween!
  • Halloween is scaring when you scared others. Happy Halloween!
  • May you have the creepiest Halloween costumes!
  • Have a sweet and SKELETON Halloween!
  • Let’s go tricky, put on your scariest costume. Cheerful Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween! May your decorations tell me the story.
  • Eat, love, pray and be fearful.
  • May the Halloween spirits direct you every day. Happy Halloween!
  • I love Halloween, I love fears. Cheerful Halloween!

28 Different Happy Halloween Quotes and Sayings”


The above-mentioned quotes help in wishing your dear ones and make them happy and bring smiles to their faces. These happy Halloween quotes are the big source of bringing a smile to your loved ones as Halloween is the funniest holiday of the year. Enjoy the collection of happy Halloween quotes as mentioned above.