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The hair color chart is found in beauty salons, in addition to appearing on dye packages (permanent and fancy) to guide on the possible tone that the strands will assume. However, it all depends on the base color, so in some cases it is recommended to first decolor and then apply the paint. Understand now what this table is for and how it works:

What is the hair color table for

An international shade guide, this is the hair color chart. It will help you choose a new color for your hair and understand how it can look in your hair. Knowing how to use it will help you not make mistakes when buying the next dye or deciding on a sudden change of look.

How the hair color chart works

Divided into base color, nuances or reflections, and fancy tones, each part of the table has an explanation. Check out:

Base color in hair color chart

The largest number, before the dot, ranges from 1 to 12 and represents the base color, how dark or light the hair is. See now what the existing base colors are:

  • Bluish black or deep – 1;
  • Natural black – 2;
  • Dark brown – 3;
  • Medium brown – 4;
  • Natural or light brown – 5;
  • Dark blonde – 6;
  • Medium blonde – 7;
  • Light blonde – 8;
  • Very light blonde – 9;
  • Light blond – 10;
  • Ultra light blonde – 11;
  • Ultra-light blonde or platinum – 12;


It is the numbers after the dot that involve nuances and reflections. For example, an 8.3 color would be a light blonde with golden nuances and highlights. Below, check out the variations:

  • Natural/no reflection – 0;
  • Gray – 1;
  • Irisado/Violet – 2;
  • Gold – 3;
  • Copper – 4;
  • Acaju – 5;
  • Red – 6;
  • Brown – 7;
  • Blue – 8;
  • Beige – 9;

fantasy colors

Fancy colors do not have a number, they just show the shade of bleached hair in a shade of 10 or above. These are tones that do not exist naturally, such as blue, green, pink, purple and yellow, and their variations. They are usually temporary tinctures (toners) that come out as you wash.

See how simple it is to understand the hair color chart? Now just choose what your next color will be and, for that, how about taking a peek at the main hair colors of 2021?

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