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There are several types of ointments, with different assets that help in the treatment of pimples and are also effective against blackheads. Find out what pimple ointment is and what are the main products that help to care for your skin. Check it out!

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What is pimple ointment?


According to the dermatologist Dra Renata Marques (RQE 20486), “the products used for the treatment of acne must be in the consistency of gel or serum, as the cream ointments are oily, which would worsen acne. Anti-acne products can work as antibacterial, anti-oil, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic products. ”

“Topical treatment is indicated in mild cases of acne, when the patient has blackheads and some papules or pustules. In the most severe cases, systemic treatment with antibiotics and even oral retinoids is indicated ”, he adds.

Top 7 best ointments for pimples

We selected the best ointments according to the opinion of bloggers who tested the products. Check out!

1. Acnee Loss gel ointment – $

The Acnee Loss ointment has a bactericidal action that acts in the treatment of acne vulgaris. In addition, the product also treats blackheads, whiteheads and is ideal for those with very oily skin.

“And isn’t it that the bug worked overnight? On the packaging, it says that it can only be ironed during the night, due to some substances that can end up staining the skin if exposed to the sun (just like acids). The next morning, the first day of use, the redness of the pimples had already subsided and they stopped hurting. ” – Beatriz Tsukase

2. Acnezil ointment for blackheads and whiteheads – $$

Acnezil ointment is gel-based. It has anti-inflammatory action that treats inflamed pimples, helps in the treatment of blackheads and controls skin oiliness.

“It has no smell, the ‘gel’ is thick, actually a cream. Is that so, the spine was born, is it red? Put a little on the area at night and, the next day, the spine is no longer red and you notice that it is drier. It’s very good!” – Ana Araujo

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3. Minancora Action anti-acne cream – $$

Minancora Action ointment has actives that reduce skin oiliness and help fight the bacteria responsible for the development of pimples and blackheads.

“I loved it! I think it does the job very well and, unlike other products of the kind (which I used in my infamous adolescence), contact with the skin does not sting, itch, hurt or bother. I haven’t tried it on carnations, but I suppose the action is the same and even faster. ” – Acute fashionite

4. Acnase ointment against blackheads and whiteheads – $$

This ointment is indicated for normal to dry skin and acts in the topical treatment of acne vulgaris. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal action, which helps in the improvement of blackheads and pimples.

“I thought that the ointment helped a lot to dry the pimples and I felt more effective than in the old formula. Anyway, it took me about 15 days to control the outbreak, applying it every night, and my skin was very dry at the end of the process. ” – Bia Munstein

5. Dermotivin Benzac anti-acne treatment gel – $$$

Dermotivin Benzac gel ointment promises to eliminate 90% of acne-causing bacteria. In addition, it controls the oiliness of the skin without leaving it dry, thanks to glycerin, a component with moisturizing characteristics.

“I have a lot of pimples close to PMS, those big and inflamed ones that appear in the middle of the forehead or cheek. I noticed that Benzac made the spine wither and deflate the next day, which made me very satisfied. ” – Chic Zipper

6. Azelan pimple gel ointment – $$$$

This ointment has azelaic acid in its formulation, an effective substance in the treatment of acne and that helps in the bleaching of spots. In addition, its use is not contraindicated during pregnancy.

“For now, I am enjoying the result. Smaller pimples go away very quickly: with a day or two of use, they dry up and disappear. The more robust ones take a little longer to disappear: about four days. But, even with this longer period for the face to be smooth, texture and appearance already improve a lot, which makes me very happy. ” – Letícia Homsi

7. Epiduo ointment in gel Galderma – $$$$$

The ointment is formulated with adapalene, a component with anti-inflammatory activity effective in the treatment of inflammatory lesions of blackheads and pimples. With about 1 to 4 weeks of treatment, it is possible to notice the first signs of improvement.

“The acne marks are smoother, which makes the skin look more uniform. The blackheads on the nose have reduced a lot, the pores are more closed and the skin looks smoother. It ended the existing pimples and, during the time of use, it has controlled the appearance of new ones, including in the critical period, which is before menstruation. ” – Ju Lopes

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Did you write down the tips? It is worth mentioning the importance of consulting a dermatologist for an evaluation and prescription of the best treatment for each case.

How to use pimple ointment in your routine

Next, we selected videos that show tips on how to use the ointment in your daily life with practicality. Follow!

Experience with pimple ointment

Here, vlogueira Alleane Calazans gives tips on use, tells her experiences with the ointment and makes an important alert about self-medication. It is worth checking!

Applying ointment to blemishes and pimples

Minancora is an ointment widely used to reduce pimples and lighten the skin. Learn how to use it and check out tips by watching the video!

Homemade rice ointment

In this video, you learn how to make a natural ointment that promises to reduce acne blemishes. Follow the step by step and see how to apply!

It is important to maintain daily skin care, in addition to having a healthy diet. Thus, it is possible to prevent pimples and have beautiful skin. Take advantage and check out mask tips to remove blackheads and keep your skin clean and radiant!

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