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The triondas effect gained prominence for being widely used by celebrities like Luísa Sonza. The result is very different waves from those provided by babyliss. Next, check out more about the style and learn how to choose the ideal appliance for your wires!

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The best devices to guarantee the effect triondas

To help you choose the perfect triondas, we have separated the main devices available in the Brazilian market. Follow:

1. Nano Titanium Triondas – $$$

It is a triondas with particles of nano titanium, which does that the hair is not harmed. It has a high performance and you get the result quickly.

“I loved the result. It is laborious to do, but I loved it. ” – Jessica Things

2. Sonar Triondas – $$$

This styler is a Chinese brand and has a “mermaid hair” effect. It is easy to use, it is light and it heats up very quickly, making the effect more assertive.

“I liked it because it gives a greater volume, a beautiful effect.” – Denison Diamond

3. Kemei Triondas – $$$$

It is one of the most used products for this purpose. The appliance has two temperatures and is ideal for different types of hair.

“It takes 30 seconds to warm up. It is light and small. ” – Franciele Gomes

In addition to the devices above, you can also find other triondas on Chinese websites, which sell brands more affordable. The important thing is that the device has more than one barrel, so you can define the waves with this effect.

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5 tips for using triondas and rocking

To use the device and ensure a more beautiful and lasting effect, you need to follow a few steps. Below, we list some great usage tips for you. Check out:

  • Watch the temperature: the appliance gets very hot and it is essential to be careful not to burn yourself, as most parts of the product get hot. So stay tuned!
  • Do not touch the root: avoid touching the appliance to the hair root; this makes the effect look more natural, in addition to protecting the scalp from high temperature.
  • Use thermal protector: before using the appliance, apply a thermal protector to maintain the health of the wires.
  • Leave during the right time: one of the mistakes when using triondas is taking it out ahead of time. Allow the appliance to act long enough to ensure the effect.
  • How to use triondas in short hair: to use the product on short hair, choose a smaller device with less barrels; this will give the hair a more natural look.

Did you like the tips? In the next topic, you can see videos with more useful information about using this device!

How to use triondas: step by step

Want to know how to use the device and ensure perfect and well marked waves? With the tutorials below, you will learn to leave the strands with the desired “mermaid hair” effect. Follow!

Step by step to ensure the effect triondas

In summary, the use of the device is very simple: you just need to pay attention and position it correctly. The video teaches a step by step to use triondas, in addition to indicating products for finishing and thermal protection.

How to use triondas in short hair

The video above teaches how to use the device on short hair. The beachy effect for shorter strands is more difficult to achieve, but it is possible. Press play and check it out!

How to have mermaid hair

Here, you will discover how to have a mermaid hair with incredible volume. This tutorial is perfect for taking all the doubts, from the preparation to the finalization and maintenance of the wires.

The effect of more marked waves is possible with the use of this incredible item! So, you can vary the hairstyle and give a look up. In addition to triondas, you can also achieve a mermaid effect using other devices. Discover how to make curls last longer with babyliss!

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