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Side sex is one of the most famous and easy to reproduce positions. Well known as “conchinha”, to sleep, it is also excellent in the most spicy moments for two. Lovers never complain about it! To help you learn more about and enjoy every moment of this position, we have brought you unmissable tips. Check out!

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How to have sex aside


This sexual position is one in which both or both lie on their sides, usually the man behind the woman. This is not a rule and does not prevent the woman from creating this “shell” behind her partner. After all, you can enjoy a lot with this exchange of who is behind who, and everyone can leave WELL satisfied in the moment for two!

Side sex is one of the most intimate positions for the couple. It allows both to feel each other’s bodies, exchange caresses and whispers in the ears. In addition, the couple can use and abuse creativity with erotic toys and derived positions. Let’s go to the tips?

How to spice sex aside


If you are tired of the monotony of the side position, get ready to check out incredible ideas on how to improve it. It is already comfortable and very pleasant, now imagine if it gets better and much hotter? Come on!

1. 69 side by side

The common 69 may not be as comfortable for both people. Whoever is on top needs a certain effort for the experience to be good, and whoever is on the bottom feels relaxed and very comfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice if the two of you could feel that way?

The flanked 69 is the right tip! The position is simple: your partner lies on one side of the bed and you lie on the opposite side. From there, it’s up to you!

2. Masturbation on side sex

It doesn’t matter who’s in front: that person can get great masturbation. And, of course, for the two to leave satisfied, just make the switch. For women, this idea is even better! In addition to penetration, the partner can use his fingers to stimulate her further. The possibilities for a good orgasm here are many.

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3. Double penetration

The comfort and relaxation that sex on the side provides is great for couples who like double penetration. The person being penetrated will be able to enjoy the sensations much better than in other positions that are not so comfortable.

4. Hands and mouth

Some parts of the body that favor sensations are the hands and the mouth, do you agree? And in side sex, you can use and abuse them. Kisses on the neck, caresses on the breasts, arms and even tugs of hair, if you wish, can add to that moment. Set it on fire!

5. Roll a lot

Show all your sensual power with a few hipsters! In addition to making the moment more pleasurable, you will certainly drive your partner or your partner crazy with lust.

6. Anal penetration

If you enjoy anal penetration, sex on the side is great for that! In addition to stimuli with your partner’s hands, which can intensify your sensations and lead you to a beautiful orgasm, he can also stimulate you with kisses and warm words at the foot of the ear.

Ready to spice up your relationship with these side sex variations? Enjoy this comfortable and full of incredible possibilities for an orgasm. Do you want to go deeper into the sexual universe? Discover 20 things about sex you need to know by your 20s!

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