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Do you know self-adhesive false nails? They are wild cards for the moments when it is necessary to have a beautiful nail, but there is no time to go to the manicure. For this reason, self-adhesive nails have gained more and more followers due to their practicality and price. Find out more about them and see which are the top 5 according to the bloggers!

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What are self-adhesive false nails

Made of artificial material, such as ABS plastic, self-adhesive false nails are produced to imitate natural nails. There are several types of self-adhesive nails, with different colors, shapes and even sizes, which give your hands a salon-like appearance. There are several doubts about this style of nail and, below, we will answer the main ones.

How long does the self-adhesive false nail last?

On average, the self-adhesive nail lasts up to 7 days after application, and may vary according to the manufacturer. But one must pay attention to the instructions provided and the precautions that must be taken in order for durability to be achieved.

Is it possible to reuse self-adhesive nails?

Generally, self-adhesive nails are made to be used only once, however some brands are looking to increase the usability of the false nails. Therefore, find out if the brand chosen by you provides this possibility.

Can false nails give you an allergy?

Like any artificial product, some people may have a reaction to the glue or adhesive that is present on the nails. In addition, it is not recommended that people with nail diseases make use of this accessory.

Can you use superglue on false nails?

Instant glues (with Super Bonder) should not be used on the human body, as they dry out the natural nail and can cause damage to the skin. Therefore, use only glues that are intended for nails or adhesives that are already present in the products.

Can self-adhesive nails harm natural nails?

Self-adhesive false nails are developed to prevent damage to the natural nail. However, if the ways of use are not respected or if you use false nails for a long time beyond what is indicated, this can cause damage to your nail.

How to remove sticky nails?

To remove nails, you can use specific products, but it is possible to remove nails after soaking your hands in warm water. Then wipe off any glue that remains on your nails with acetone or using a sandpaper.

Self-adhesive false nails can be very useful at different times, and are also a great option for those who like to frequently renew the look of their hands. In addition, with so many models available on the market today, it is possible to have excellent options that adapt to your style.

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The 5 best self-adhesive false nails

As the beauty market is always innovating and growing, there is a great offer of self-adhesive nails. Thinking about it, we separated the best products available according to beauty bloggers. Just look:

1. False Nails Stickers Macrilan- $

If you are looking for practicality and nails with a modern look, Macrilan false nails are easy to apply and give a special touch. With different colors to use on different occasions, you can try new styles every week. In addition, they do not damage your natural nails and each box contains 24 nails.

“Another thing I loved is that, in addition to not spoiling like the gel ones, they last much longer. While the gel ones require practically daily care, they last a long time without falling. ” – Anielle Casagrande

2. False Nail Sticker Bisou – $$

Great for busy days, Bisou’s false nails offer a quick and durable application for 7 days. Each box contains 24 units, with 12 different sizes and the nails can be used twice, in addition to containing UV gel coverage that prevents them from losing their shine.

“I received several compliments at the party, and nobody imagined that they were fake. When I told them, they were surprised. And this time I did everything so neatly that I already washed dishes, washed hair, and the nails are still beautiful. ” – Thays Rezende

3. Self-adhesive nails Belliz – $$

The Belliz product provides beautiful nails quickly and conveniently, in addition to dispensing the application of glue in a tube, because each nail has an individual adhesive. The boxes contain 24 units and, if applied only with the adhesive, last between 2 to 3 days. If it is with specific glue, they last from 7 to 15 days.

“The nails are of good quality, thinner (I don’t like nails that are thick) and very easy to apply.” – Ana Penzin

4. False nails Kiss New York Impress – $$$

Transform your nails with intense colors and shine without having to go to the salon. With Kiss New York’s Impress line, you can have flawless nails in no time. In addition, they have an ultrafit design, which guarantees an ideal fit, and an exclusive technology for fixation.

“In general, I really liked these inserts. They are beautiful and very practical. Didn’t have time to do your nails? You can use them in a good way that will look really nice! ” – Tina Szabados

5. Nail nails Impress Bruna Tavares- $$$

The Bruna Tavares line of false nails is a special edition for you to have incredible nails that look natural. They are easy to apply and have ultrafit technology, which makes it easier to fit your nails. Each package has 30 nails of different sizes, plus a mini file and other accessories for application.

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“Kiss inserts last more than a week INTACT, without deforming or becoming opaque, have a perfect fit and are 100% secure. The natural nails do not damage anything at all. I don’t even have to do the cuticle. ” – Clarice Soares Di Sessa

There are several options to choose from, pastel nails to the famous francesinhas. So, you can experiment with different styles and see which ones suit you the most. In addition, there is the advantage of being able to test different brands, since the durability is about 7 days.

How to use self-adhesive false nails and impress everyone

Even being practical, self-adhesive nails can be difficult to apply, especially for those who do not have much experience with it. To solve this problem, we have separated 4 videos that will give you incredible tips on how to use self-adhesive nails correctly and make them look spectacular. Check out!

Step by step to have amazing nails

No more excuses for not using sticky nails. Youtuber Fê Gonçalves has done a detailed step by step so that you can apply your nails well and make them last the correct time. Get amazing nails and no headaches!

How to use self-adhesive nails easily

Salvation for those moments when the nail breaks and it seems that everything is lost. Youtuber Danielle Silva explained how you can use self-adhesive false nails and restore the peace of being with your perfect hand!

Tips on how to apply false nails well

Want to know the secret to having fake nails that look natural? Youtuber Van Andretta reveals some important details when applying self-adhesive nails. Few people know and make a big difference!

See how to use and make your nails last longer

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Check out the tips from makeup artist and beautician Julli Beauty on how to use self-adhesive false nails. Plus, see how you can make them last longer to rock anywhere!

Self-adhesive false nails can be very advantageous in several situations, giving you the possibility of having your nails done without much effort. Take the opportunity to also check out these 70 nail models that will inspire you in your next style!

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