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The liquid illuminator is an indispensable product for those who want a make-up full of glow. Far from leaving you with an oily skin appearance, it brings luminosity in the right spot for any skin type. Find out everything about this item so loved by bloggers in this complete guide!

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How to use the liquid illuminator without error

The fear when applying the liquid illuminator is normal, due to the watery texture and the amount of shine that the product apparently has. But don’t get stuck: there is no shortage in the universe of makeup, tips from those who understand the subject well.

Liquid illuminator for beginners

This video by Bruna Mello is too precious, because she teaches you just like you, who don’t have much experience with make up, should use the illuminator. A must see.

3 ways to use liquid illuminator

Nara Borges teaches three different ways to apply the product. Thus, you can choose which technique best suits your practice.

Mixing base with liquid illuminator

Amanda Lyrio presents a master trick that consists of mixing the illuminator with the base. The effect is beautiful and has a supernatural glow.

Troubleshooting Liquid Illuminator

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And if you’ve tried applying the liquid illuminator and didn’t get it right the first time, don’t give up! Catlen Guerra has a special video for you in which she teaches you how to solve problems that may occur after applying this product.

The tips don’t stop there; now, it remains to be seen which product you will invest in for a fully lit production. Continue here!

The 10 best liquid illuminators for a powerful glow

There are products for all skin types and tones and also for all pockets. Check below which bloggers love and indicate:

1. Ruby Rose’s A Kiss of the Light liquid illuminator – $

This inexpensive product from Ruby Rose guarantees lighting from the inside out, that is, a glow that looks natural to your skin. The gloss application is super easy! Its formula is complete and the effect is long-lasting, so don’t worry: your make-up will not be opaque as the hours go by.

“It is very smooth, just that pink reflection. […] it is very beautiful, it is a good product that does not remove the base, does not stain, for a very good price as well. ” – Yanna Karim

2. Let’s Glow Baby Liquid Illuminator, by SP Colors – $$

Intense shine with a texture that glides on the skin – SP Colors promises about this illuminator. The packaging is very practical to handle and the application has no mysteries. The price? It fits in your pocket!

“I’m in love! […] he is very, very wonderful! It is so cheap and shiny and easy to spread. ” – Juliana Apolinário

3. Glow Baby Glow liquid illuminator, from Dalla Makeup – $$

Vegan and inexpensive product that features 8 different shades. This means that all skin tones are covered by Dalla Makeup illuminators. The brand also guarantees high fixation and durability. Too chic, right?

“The skin will be more shiny. It’s really cool to use in the summer. […] It lasts superbly on the skin, arrives at the end of the day and the skin is still bright. ” – Marisa Lopes

4. Essence – $$$ #InstaPerfect Liquid Illuminator

For a subtly lit make-up, this Essence highlighter does the job. If properly applied, the product highlights strategic areas of the face, such as cheekbones, without leaving an oily skin effect. In fact, a very natural shine is the guarantee of the brand.

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“His shine is very beautiful! […] It has a slightly more discreet shine, but it looks beautiful! ” – Camilla Chevitarese

5. Vult – $$$ Booster Radiant Gold Liquid Illuminator

With a formula free of parabens (preservatives that can be harmful to the health of the skin), the Vult illuminator promises a professional make-up effect! The dropper applicator is easy to handle.

“I will say that I like him a lot. It works with my skin tone. ” – Rayssa Ruiz

6. Avon Face and Body Illuminating Drops – $$$

Instant shine and healthier appearance are the expectations that Avon created about this product. Apply without excess that he can already value your make in an indescribable way.

“It is a POWER in a small pot. […] I thought it gave the skin a glow. It was very beautiful and well lit! […] very cute!” – Ana Rambor

7. Bonnie-Dew Manizer liquid illuminator by the Balm – $$$

If you want an intense glow with long lasting effect, this liquid illuminator from the Balm may be what you need. The texture is so light that it is impossible to crack, even hours after application.

“After you pass, NOTHING takes the shine off your skin. Look at this! It’s not too much!?” – Bruna Vieira

8. BT Glow drops illuminator, by Bruna Tavares – $$$$

Bruna Tavares’ line of illuminators has products for all skin tones. In addition, it is resistant to water and sweat and is very easy to apply. That is, the darling product of those who have no experience with make up.

“It is a more metallic shine that I like a lot. […] I really liked the packaging, the brightness and the effect. ” – NiinaSecrets

9. Radiance Drops Sun Hit facial illuminator, by O Boticário – $$$$

The formula with ultra-fine particle shine prevents an exaggerated glow that clashes with your skin tone. The texture is very light and guarantees a very uniform and natural appearance.

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“It looks as if the skin itself is illuminated. […] gives a wet skin effect that I like a lot. I loved.” – Laiane Lira

10. Benefit High Beam liquid illuminator – $$$$$

The last product on the list is Benefit’s illuminator, which guarantees perfect adherence to all skin types and tones. The lighting is soft, but evident. The highest price is due to the long duration guaranteed by the brand.

“You look like a doll illuminator, you know? A fluffy pink but with an intense pigmentation. […] it is ideal for evening makeup! I love.” – Camila Coelho

Now you can choose the perfect liquid illuminator for your skin. You deserve to shine!

Liquid Illuminator X Powder Illuminator

The liquid illuminator is the easiest to spread due to its texture, which further improves the finish of the make. It also tends to be more visible and sometimes more metallic in effect.

The powder illuminator has more versions (with glitter, discreet or not, metallic), but its fixation depends on other products, such as base and concealer. It is more suitable for those with oily skin, while the liquid illuminator adheres better to drier skin.

After this complete guide, all you need to do is buy a ruffled liquid illuminator and go out shining! And if your intention is a skin with a tan appearance, how about knowing everything about bronzer?

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