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Thalia Ferraz

The darling of the 2000s is back! The hair piranha has been a hit among fashionistas and, in addition to being beautiful, it’s super practical! There are different models for different hair. To learn how to join the trend and find out where to find the product, read on.

30 pictures of hairstyles with hair piranha to inspire you

The sequence of looks will help you to use the hair piranha with style and versatility. Take a look:

1. The piranha matches different looks

Carolina Lopes

2. Acrylic models are perfect for everyday life

Carol Fidelis

3. Checking the composition by chance

Ellen V Lora

4. That’s why it’s worth unleashing your creativity when choosing yours

Negin Mirsalehi

5. This one goes well with everything

Thassia Ships

6. And the big piranha can hold all the hair

Thalia Ferraz

7. But dropping a few strands is also mega fashion

Karol Miranda

8. Neutral color allows for different combinations

Dandara Barbosa

9. Check out this beautiful look

Ana Naara

10. Pearls are sure to hit

Nadya Alves

11. How about leaving your bangs loose for extra charm?

Flavia Pavanelli

12. As in this photo

Curly Cryss

13. Or even just pin the bangs

Dynasty Ballard

14. It is a delicate and stylish option in the right measure

Rosie Choung

15. And depending on the bitch, the hairstyle takes on a different face

Valeria Castro

16. Here, for example, the stripped footprint takes over

Karol Miranda

17. Notice how the look becomes more interesting with the accessory

Aline Tartuci

18. And colorful, why not?


19. Play on the trend, woman!

Bruna Goelzer

20. Not afraid to play

Angela Onuoha

21. Whether at work…

Carol Matta

22. Or on a tour

Thalia Ferraz

23. There is a hair piranha to enhance the look

Alex Michael May

24. The best thing about this fashion is that it is versatile

Mercia Barbosa

25. And very practical, right?

Bita Conci

26. Not to mention the extra touch of modernity it promotes

Natyele C. Kessner Blanco

27. So, do you already know how to use it?

Bruna Catão

28. Use and abuse the accessory

Karol Miranda

29. And be successful out there

Juliana Cunha

30. Always rocking!

Arianna Sumner

See how easy it is to adhere to the hair piranha? Next you’ll find out where to buy your model for more fashionista looks.

Where can you buy hair piranha

Check out where to find a piranha to call your own! Look that:

  1. Dafitti;
  2. Renner;
  3. HERE;
  4. Americans;
  5. ShopTime.

Now just enjoy the accessory! Following the hair styling tips, follow those hair clip inspirations too!

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