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Your hair will be more hydrated if you put castor oil in the shampoo. This is an easy and very practical technique to include in your routine. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the medicinal plant known as castor bean. Its cost is relatively cheap and it will make your hair healthier and more shiny. Follow more tips on the matter!

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What is castor oil in shampoo?


According to the hairdresser Ebna More, castor oil “is rich in omega 6 and 9, it helps in hair growth, hydration and hair reconstruction”. With so many benefits, it is difficult to ignore such a powerful product. In addition, the specialist cites another important function: “it is also antifungal, being able to clean the scalp. Therefore, it can be mixed without problems with shampoo or conditioner. ” All the best, isn’t it?

Questions about castor oil in shampoo

  1. Does castor oil in the shampoo make your hair greasy? If used incorrectly, yes. Choose to pass it on the ends and along the hair, avoiding direct contact with the scalp.
  2. Does castor oil in the shampoo make your hair grow? It does help, along with the vitamins of the shampoo. But the effect only appears after a while and requires a certain frequency.
  3. How often should I use this mixture? It depends on the type of hair. The process can be done every 15 days or between alternate days. It is important to observe how the threads react with hydration and adapt to the calendar.
  4. Can you sleep with castor oil in your hair? Yes, this process is called night wetting, but it is done only with oil, without shampoo. It acts on the hair all night and must be rinsed the next morning.

With the doubts clarified, it became easier to understand how this product can help in hair health. How about learning how to use it correctly?

How to use castor oil in shampoo

There are some indications to enhance the use of castor oil in the shampoo. It is also a great ally for those who want to have their hair growing faster. Check out how to apply it day to day with transforming mixtures:

Castor oil with clove in shampoo

To create this bombastic mix, you will need shampoo, castor oil, cloves and rosemary. Just stir everything in a bowl and then return to the shampoo packaging with the aid of a funnel. Once done, it needs to rest for 48 hours in order to be used.

Shampoo with castor oil and coffee

From the kitchen to the bath! Here, ground coffee will be mixed with shampoo and castor oil. The mixture can be made in the shampoo packaging itself, to later facilitate the application. It is recommended to apply it on the hair every other day.

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Castor oil and garlic in shampoo

Antifungal, antibacterial and healing action. These are the benefits of garlic in your hair, in addition to having many vitamins. In this recipe, you will peel the garlic clove, make holes in it and insert it into the shampoo bottle. Then, just add the castor oil and shake. Use this shampoo 3 times a week.

Thickened shampoo with castor oil

If you want to thicken the strands and make your hair grow faster, follow the instructions in this video. You will need: shampoo, powdered gelatin, hair mask, castor oil and glycerin. It is very practical, as it is effective even in a few seconds while bathing.

Test several versions and find out which one is best for your hair. Preparations are easy and can be done constantly.

Care and contraindications of castor oil in shampoo

Castor oil is very good, but it acts differently for each hair and body. Therefore, it is recommended to realize if the product is not causing you allergies. Whoever has oily skin, should rinse this mixture well, as the oil in direct contact with the skin can promote the growth of pimples.

It is always good to find solutions to make your hair more hydrated and shiny. After all, strong and beautiful hair makes any woman happier, doesn’t it? To continue investing your time in hair care, check out these homemade hydration options!

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