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Thamires Stephane

Are you dying to change the look of your curls, but don’t know what to invest in? So, bet on honey blond curly hair. Gorgeous, he is in style and goes with any style. It has from lighter options to darker and mixed tones. Want to know more? So, check out the following tips and inspirations:

what’s the honey blonde’s number

Choosing the shade of blonde can be a more complicated task than it seems, after all, there are plenty of options, isn’t it? And for those who like a more natural effect, the tip is to bet on honey blonde, a golden hue and those who usually have the number 7, in paints and tones. It’s perfect for lightening the tips or fully coloring the tresses!

20 pics of honey blond curly hair that are pure charm

Are you thinking of joining the honey blonde curly hair fashion? So, the tip is to check this list with 20 amazing ideas of this beautiful tone, which combines with various cuts, styles and tastes!

1. Full of power, honey blonde is a great bet for curly hair.

Dayellen Pamela

2. Leaves a lighter and more laid-back air

Amanda Farah

3. In addition to highlighting the curls

Ge Laportti

4. Because it brings that idea of ​​brightness and freshness

Jessica Curls & Fashion

5. You can bet on darker tones


6. With only the blonde tips

Lu Momteiro Official

7. Or something lighter, like this beautiful model

Patricia Murada

8. There is also the middle ground

Thamires Stephane

9. That looks great with any cut

Ana Caroline

10. The tip is to also think about your skin tone

Saury Hair Salon

11. Because that makes all the difference when choosing the honey blonde

Emilia Gabriela

12. And always remember to keep your hair hydrated


13. Since this guarantees a greater softness for the locks

Edna Carneiro Studio

14. Also invest in a good shader


15. And whenever you need to retouch the color


16. So, you have that honey blond curly hair of respect

Natathya Kozan

17. Have you already chosen your favorite model?

Paola Locatelli

18. Think carefully and schedule your time in the salon

Studio Rafael Benneton

19. Take the opportunity to make that killer cut

Andréia Gouveia

20. And give the look a makeover!

Thamires Stephanie

What’s up? Which of these honey blonde inspirations did you like the most? The tip not to go wrong is to ask your hairdresser which color best matches your skin tone. Then, just invest in a very different haircut and rock!

How To Make Honey Blond Curly Hair

Now, if you prefer to dye your curls at home, then the videos below are for you! With really cool tips, they teach you step by step how to get that respectful and hassle-free blonde honey. Check it out and test it today!

Blonde curly honey with low poo

Those who follow the low poo technique may find it difficult to dye their hair. And to help you keep your curls very beautiful and with an amazing honey blonde, the tip is to check out this tutorial that teaches you how to dye your hair following the rules of low poo!

Blonde curly honey without discoloring

Is it possible to have soft, shiny and very beautiful honey blonde curls without discoloring? The answer is yes! In this video, blogger Raiane Oliveira teaches you the right step by step on how to do this at home without complications and with a perfect result. Check out!

Blonde Curly Honey Easy

Don’t want to go to the salon, but also don’t want to go to a lot of trouble dyeing your hair at home? Well then, you need to watch this video. Easier than you might think, getting the honey blonde of your dreams is a process that only requires technique and good paint!

How to remove black and lighten curly hair

If your hair is dark and you want to lighten it up with a beautiful shade of honey blonde, then this video is for you! In it, dear Thamires Stephane demystifies the process of lightening the curls in a very practical and simple way. Are you curious? So, just take a look:

Having blonde hair demands extra attention in everyday life. And to make your hair look beautiful, be sure to check out these blonde care and product tips!

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