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If you are getting married soon and are looking for inspirations, you will probably fall in love with the rustic wedding invitation. That’s because this style has a simple footprint, a beautiful look and combines all types of celebration, from a wedding during the day to a mini wedding. Get inspired by the photos and tutorials below and plan your dream wedding.

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40 rustic wedding invitations to save in your reference folder

Below you can see a selection of rustic wedding invitations with different styles. Get inspired and choose the ideal model for your party.

1. Rustic wedding invitations are on the rise

Say yes

2. This is because they convey an idea of ​​simplicity

Miquinhas Events

3. Without neglecting sophistication

Wedding Invitations by Clare

4. The best thing is that there are several possibilities within this style

Buy at Eleven Hours Invitations

5. From the chic rustic wedding invitation

Gracie Wedding Invitations

6. Simple but equally beautiful wedding invitation

Belle Rose Designs

7. Some materials are more common among rustic invitations

Buy at Pão de Mel Invitations

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8. Like kraft paper

Monica Bernardino

9. Recycled paper

The Invitation Loft

10. Seed paper, which can then be planted

Made Craft

11. And jute yarn

Daiana Graphic Design

12. The invitation can have touches of color

Milla Invitations

13. And prints

Rock Invitations

14. To close the invitation, a bow is welcome

Conviteria JB

15. Jute is a favorite

Happiness Ever Invitations

16. And yes, it looks beautiful

Buy in Love in leaf

17. But other materials can be used

Sweet Moments Invitations

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18. Like satin ribbons

LoveBirds Invitations

19. And string

TMJ Invitations

20. As for the envelope, anything is possible

Monstera Invitations

21. From a traditional piece

Attitude Invitations

22. Even something very different

Party with Colors

23. Look at what a delicate proposal

ACF Invitations

24. There are also several ways to put the names of the guests in the invitation

Honey Bread Invitations

25. Some are more elaborate

Timber Decor

26. Others more accessible

Atelier Dream of Love

27. A simple white paper can be beautiful

Paperchic Invitations

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28. As well as a whole worked

ACF Invitations

29. A rustic invitation doesn’t always have to be brown paper

Made Craft

30. Sometimes kraft can be just a detail

Te Criative

31. The beauty of simplicity

Kaló Invitations

32. Fancy the subtleties to make the invitation even more special

Atelier Amora Personalized

33. Look how beautiful this rustic wedding invitation with lace

Monica Bernardino

34. Here, dehydrated flowers give a delicate touch

Monica Bernardino

35. What about this little heart written love?

Cakes and Mimos Ateliê

36. This rustic wedding invitation idea for groomsmen comes with a box

Think Invitations

37. Beautiful rustic and romantic wedding invitation idea

Caroline Freitas

38. See how inspiring rustic invitations are?

Special Invitations

39. Now just choose the model you like best

Buy on Virtual Invitations

40. And think about every detail of your dream wedding

Monica Bernardino

The options are so beautiful that it makes you want to have several different invitations, right?

How to make rustic wedding invitation

Marriage is a celebration that usually requires a good investment. How about saving a little by making your own invitations? See these inspirations:

How to make rustic and romantic wedding invitation

This invitation is delicate, but quite simple to do. The envelope is made with kraft paper and has a very special fold. You will also need scissors, ruler, stylus, boleador or pen cap, double-sided tape, lace and dried flowers.

Step by step: rustic invitation inspired by Pinterest

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in invitations, you will like the idea presented in the video above. It has a special cover made of brown paper and a special touch with colorful ribbon. Play to see the complete tutorial!

DIY Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation

To follow this tutorial you will need the printed invitation, tags with the names of the guests, strips with floral print, card paper in the color of your choice, glue and scissors. The result is very beautiful, worth checking out.

How to make wedding invitation with parchment paper

This idea of ​​rustic wedding invitation and envelope with parchment paper is incredible and perfect for those who want to go beyond kraft paper. The step-by-step is a little more laborious, but it is an impeccable work that draws attention.

How to make rustic wedding invitations with milk carton

With creativity, even the most unusual items can take on a whole new face. In this step by step, milk cartons turn into beautiful and inexpensive wedding invitations to make. Get inspired.

Another important point of a wedding is to choose those people who are the most special for the couple. Check out invitation inspirations for groomsmen and surprise them.

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