Ideas for decorating a Trolls’ birthday party


Charismatic characters with somewhat rebellious hair come to invade your party and add a lot of color to the decor…Trolls!

The trolls! refers to some very tender and characteristic characters at the same time, where the environment colorful represents in its entirety the animated creation of happy creatures living in a tree inside the forest, the happiest one there is.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Happiness is completely highlighted, in this subject… There are many songs that relate to the characters and all of them show 100% the emotion that is being lived, for example, they show if it is enthusiasm, joy, nostalgia or loneliness.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Trolls are characterized by their color, suits of felt and of course, because of those hair that make these beautiful characters more fun.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Surely your children went crazy with their opening, and How could I not? if it is a film that makes you laugh from start to finish. If so, perhaps the ideal is organize your next birthday with the Theme of Trolls, and for that I bring today fantastic ideas.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Although, it’s not a film that’s only aimed at girlsperhaps the idea of organize a celebration, on this basis charactersIf it is, then the Color Pinkis the predominant tone in the decoration… Let’s remember the Princess Poppy.

However, if your little boy has fallen in love with these charactersthen you’re inclined to fill up with colors the party birthday party and leave out the RosaIdeas for a Troll-filled Celebration

… Accentuate the Blue and the result will be Great.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

For the decorationwe’ll use artificial vines to simulate a little bit greenWe must remember that the trolls come from the forest, colors full of life, hanging decorations on the ceiling and a lot of originality will meet in this birthday celebrationwhere the colors full of life, will be part of the protagonism.Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

So today, you can’t miss the gallery I’ve compiled for you, where I include ideas that will take your breath away and you’ll want to add them to your kids’ birthday party.

  • Table of Contents

    A very colorful cake:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

3 floors and lots of color form the design of this nice birthday cake, where beautiful cupcakes are present to complement the idea.

  • The centerpiece:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

A small scale creation of the fantastic world of the Trolls, is part of the decoration of the table of the guests.

  • The main table:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Nice Trolls where Princess Pupa is present and a very enlightened idea, fill this main table with life.

  • A photographic frame:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

This time the photo frame will exceed expectations and the children will also go crazy with happiness.

  • Decoration for the ceiling:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Fabrics and many colorful details will adorn the ceiling of the party room.

  • The decoration of the living room:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Trolls will not only come to decorate your birthday party, but will bring the magic of the forest, adding details in green and bright colors for the flowers.

  • The souvenirs:
    Ideas for a Troll-filled Celebration

Headbands for girls and boys will make your hair look as good as the beautiful trolls.

Trolls: A world full of rainbows that will bring joy to the Birthday Party!



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