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Ana Lídia Lopes

The gel for curly hair is perfect for several situations: preparing the locks for box braids, ensuring definition on the day after, in addition to fixing and finishing that neat baby hair. Nowadays, we who have curly hair can easily find many product options on the market. Which one to choose? In today’s article I bring suggestions. Follow.

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Can you use gel on curly hair?

Yea! A thousand times yes! Who has curly and curly hair can use gel without any problem, as long as its formula addresses the needs of our hair. Currently it is possible to find a variety of gel for curly hair in markets, pharmacies, cosmetic stores and also online.

At the time of purchase, give preference to specific products for curly hair, as these formulas are designed to not dry out the hair that tends to be naturally drier.

You do not stop having curly hair, even when you change the texture of the hair with the use of straightening, therefore, the gel options listed below, apply to those who have natural hair and like the definition and curl of the curls and also, for women. women who prefer their straight hair.

Top 5: curly hair gel for you to test

The cosmetics industry is always in search of new technologies, for this reason, it always has a brand or new line available on the market, which promises fixation, shine and definition without drying out, all inside a bottle of gel for curly hair. Check out the most tested products by content creators:

1. Liquid Gel #Macachos Skala – $

Skala liquid gel is indicated for curly and frizzy hair. It provides natural, frizz-free and extremely defined threads.

“It helps to make the curls more defined, it works on the day after and I also used it to finish hairstyles. And it yields a lot, this is a very positive point ”- Ana Lídia Lopes

2. Novex Super Babosão Day After Gel – $$

This gel works very well as a finisher. It moisturizes the strands, reduces frizz and redefines curls without making your hair heavy. It is indicated for use on dry hair.

It is very easy to use because it really slides easily on the hair, it’s not that sticky gel, you know, which is good for when we want to revitalize. It also seems to have a lot of water in the composition, because it adds a lot of hydration to the hair. ” – Mari Morena.

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3. Natural Relaxing Gel Salon Line – $$$

The Salon Line natural relaxing gel was developed for wavy, curly and curly hair. It promises frizz control, extreme shine, softness and humidified effect.

“It leaves the curls very loose, very malleable. The way I like it ”- Monalisa Nunes

4. Gel #todecacho Aloe – $$$$

It features PROFIX technology to provide definition, softness and frizz control. Indicated for dry hair, with frizz and in transition. Perfect for wavy, curly and curly.

“The hair is very light, an incredible lightness. It is very soft. you have a little more difficulty to remove the long hair, you need to spend more time kneading your hair. It leaves the hair super defined, super separated, and reduces the volume of my hair a lot. ” – Ana Paula Barroso

5. Soul Power Liquid Gel Modeling Curls – $$$$$

Its formula is composed of powerful moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties, which ensures definition and lightness to your curls. It can be applied to dry and damp hair. Soul Power liquid gel is not tested on animals.

“It is a very liquid gel, it moisturizes, it is great for the day after, it removes the frizz. It helps a lot to keep the hair defined and shiny. ” – Sarah Oliveira

All these options of gel for curly hair, offer a great cost x benefit and can be found easily. These indications are worth testing to find out which formula is best for you.

How to use gel for curly hair

The product can be used right after applying the combing cream, during the finalization of your hair, in addition to being essential in hairstyles, braids and delicate baby hair. Check out some ideas:

COC finalization: Combing cream, oil and gel.

Find out how to do the finishing that will hydrate, nourish and define your curls. Content creator Ana Lídia Lopes teaches how to do it.

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Shape your baby hair with curly hair gel

Nairis Santos teaches you how to do baby hair, using gel and brushes that you probably have at home.

Learn 3 ways to use day after gel.

The same product for 3 situations. Juliana Louise teaches very easily how to make the most of your gel for curly hair.

The gel options for curly hair are affordable, designed for the needs of our hair and easy to find. Invest in this product that can be used in finishing, finishing hairstyles, braids and whatever else you want to do with your hair.

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