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In addition to the opaque appearance, dry hair tends to tangle a lot, create split ends and even worse: start to break. If your locks have reached this state, moisturizing with sour cream can work well in the hair recovery process. We spoke with hairdresser Andreia Pugliesi, from Studio Alexia Iara, about this hydration and we also brought you a step by step to do it. Check out!

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Does moisturizing with sour cream work?

Hydration with milk cream adapts well to the most dry, chemically treated and frizzy hair because it contains a considerable amount of lipids, which are fat molecules. According to Andreia, hydration is not a substitute for professional treatment, but it is a good alternative to care for hair at home in an accessible way.

The hairdresser explains that the cream has a component called lactic acid. It helps to regulate the pH of the hair and reduce frizz as it fills the open spaces in the cuticles of the strands. Therefore, when complementing hydration, it is important to choose a mask with a lower pH, as it will be responsible for balancing the mixture and closing the cuticles of the wires.

How to moisturize your hair with sour cream

Doing hydration at home is quite simple. With less than five ingredients and half an hour of your day, it is possible to treat your hair. Just follow the recipe below.

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You will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons of moisturizing cream
  • 10 drops of bepantol
  • 10 drops of vegetable oil (optional)

Preparation mode

  1. Mix all ingredients in a container;
  2. Apply to clean hair;
  3. Let it act for 20 minutes with a thermal cap;
  4. Rinse and finish the hair as you prefer.

The 10 drops of vegetable oil appear as an optional ingredient in the recipe if you want to boost your hydration, use the oil of your choice, but a great option is coconut oil. While hydration acts on your hair, enjoy and discover 7 more amazing benefits of coconut oil.

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