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Dermaplaning is an aesthetic facial rejuvenation treatment that provides several benefits and brings surprising results. We consulted the dermatologist Dr. Lívia Maria Camargo (CRM SP-189909) and the esthetician Carolina Vieira, from the Clinic Dr. Lívia Maria Camargo, to learn more about the treatment, care and contraindications. Follow the article!

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What is dermaplaning?


According to the professionals’ information, “dermaplaning is a superficial exfoliation, in which an ablation is performed with a scalpel blade, removing the horny layer (layer of dead cells) and the skin’s pilosity, improving its texture and hue. ”

The procedure helps to promote skin rejuvenation, among other benefits. The technique must be performed with duly specialized material and handled by a professional or qualified esthetician.

Benefits of dermaplaning

  1. Improves skin texture: increases the brightness and luminosity of the skin.
  2. Stimulates cell renewal: the treatment eliminates dead cells and facial fuzz.
  3. Improves skin permeability: increases the effect of assets due to the removal of the concentration of dead cells.
  4. Facilitates the application of makeup: provides greater fixation and durability of makeup, in addition to leaving the skin with a more beautiful finish.
  5. Promotes rejuvenation: the procedure improves fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Decreases the appearance of acne: reduces clogging of sebaceous glands by the superficial layer of keratotic cells.

To repeat the treatment, it is necessary to wait 21 days, which is the time necessary for skin cell renewal.

It’s safe?

“The treatment is totally safe, painless and, if done by a qualified professional, there is no risk”, explains the beautician.

About performing dermaplaning at home, the dermatologist makes an important warning. “Performing the procedure alone has great risks, because the scalpel blade is highly sharp, can cause deep injuries and other complications, such as contamination and infection.”

Videos about dermaplaning

Below, we have selected videos with more information and curiosities about the treatment. It’s worth watching!

Dermaplaning thickens hair?

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In this video, you can find out more about the technique and answer one of the main questions about the procedure. Does dermaplaning thicken the hair on the face? Check out!

More reasons to do dermaplaning

As we have seen, the technique has multiple benefits. If you still have questions about the treatment, watch the video and learn more about it.

Tips and curiosities about dermaplaning

In addition to tips and curiosities about treatment, follow in this video how the procedure is done. It is worth checking!

Now that you have seen tips and more information about dermaplaning, know the care and contraindications of the technique!

Dermaplaning care and contraindications


In any aesthetic treatment, it is important to know what are the contraindications and the necessary care before and after the procedure. Check it out below:

  • It is contraindicated for patients with skins with active acne;
  • Sensitive patients, such as rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis, have no indication for treatment;
  • Patients who are allergic to nickel also cannot perform dermaplaning;
  • Five days before treatment, the patient should avoid exposure to the sun and discontinue the use of acids, to avoid skin lesions;
  • Patients being treated with isotretinoin should discontinue use 2 months before the procedure;
  • In the 48-72 hours after treatment, direct exposure to the sun should be avoided;
  • Homemade dermaplaning is not recommended; even so, there are many people performing the procedure at home and with inappropriate material, such as the razor blade. Don’t take any chances: look for a qualified professional to avoid injuring, contaminating or causing skin infections.

Taking care of the skin is of paramount importance to keep it healthy and prevent premature aging. Enjoy and learn more about phenol peeling, the therapeutic procedure that brings great results against photoaging!

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