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If you are interested in beauty trends, you may have seen makeup artists and bloggers preparing or finishing make up with a mist. The spray has several functions and promotes fantastic effects on the skin. Check out more details about the product, a list of the 6 best to buy and application tips.

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What is misting?

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The mist is an aqueous solution, with spray packaging, which has several properties, from dermatological to those that give a finish to make up. It is usually sprayed on the face in pre or post-makeup.

What the mist is for

There are different types of mists and they can have different or complementary functions. There is the moisturizing mist, for example, which has components to make the dermis healthy and protected. The most common, which is the fixative mist, has the function that the name suggests: to make the makeup last longer.

Also, the makeup mist serves to make the skin look more natural and less “plaster”, even after several layers of base and powder. If applied to pre-makeup, the mist helps the products to settle better, as if it were a liquid primer. Those that contain glitter particles give an illuminated and glow finish to the face.

Top 6 Mists Worth Investing In

Great beauty brands already have mists in their lines. To find the ideal one for you, check out a list of the 6 best with different effects and finishes and the opinion of those who have used it.

1. Illuminating mist Dalla Makeup – $

The differential of the Dalla Makeup mist is its shine particles. It is the ideal product for those who want a bright and illuminated make-up effect. The price is affordable and the packaging is compact for you to take with you!

“It has a light peach smell. […] It does leave shine particles on the skin. It added shine on the forehead and is to make the makeup glow.[…]It is a very cool product, it removes that effect from the plaster base. ” – Denise Mulatieri

2. Ruby Rose Soft Matte Fixing Mist – $$

Ruby Rose products are a real sensation and matte mist is no different! The brand promises to hydrate, tone and tint the skin, making the makeup last longer. Oh, and it can be used both before and after makeup.

“The Bruma Fixadora Soft Matte is the coolest idea I found, first because of the packaging, all black with gold. It does not contain that shine, and I like to use it in skin preparation. […] I feel the skin fresh, that hot sensation on the skin and sticky ”- Andressa Gomes

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3. Mist Rose Ruby Perfect Glow – $$

In addition to matte mist, Ruby Rose also has a glossy finish product. The shine particles are subtle, leaving the skin looking bright and natural.

“The Perfect Glow Fixing Mist has a golden glow, and for me it is a finisher, after the skin is ready I apply it. It leaves a light finishing shine, and, another very important point is that there is no shine in the makeup, it is really light. ” – Andressa Gomes

4. Mist Dermage Improve C Aqua – $$$

The main function of Dermage’s mist is hydration and skin care. You can use it on a daily basis, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. It is super practical to apply, refreshing and has vitamin C and antioxidants in the formula.

“A complete product to take in your purse or bag. In my opinion, the most practical way to use vitamin C and in a quality product like many others from the brand I used and loved. ” – Camila Ribeiro

5. Mist for makeup Fix it MAC – $$$$

MAC’s product is very complete: in addition to preparing the skin for make-up, it finishes and makes it last longer. It can be applied in all stages of makeup, leaves a natural, refreshing effect and controls the oiliness of the dermis.

“I did the makeup completely and then applied the product all over my face. I noticed that the skin is instantly hydrated and the base looks very natural. The make lasted a little longer and the skin looked healthier. […] I no longer want to be without this preciousness that is so simple and so effective. ” – Cinthia Ferreira

6. Setting Spray Urban Decay All Nighter – $$$$$

An absolute favorite of makeup artists, the Urban Decay mist is super light and doesn’t weigh on makeup. The brand promises to prolong the make up to 16 hours with a powerful formula that controls oiliness and skin temperature. Despite the steep price, it is worth investing if you want a professional effect.

“I found this fixture to be simply fantastic! I used it several times since I bought it, and every time my makeup was intact for hours. It leaves the makeup beautiful throughout the day. At lower temperatures the effect is even better, but even in the heat it gives good control over excessive oiliness. ” – Claudinha Stoco

There are options for all budgets and for different needs and tastes. While the mattifiers are versatile and make the make last longer, the illuminators leave skin with an incredible glow effect!

How to use mist in your routine

Don’t know how to include mist in your beauty routine? Check out 3 videos and answer your last questions about the product.

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Bruma: what it is and how to use

Mist, thermal water, fixative … There are so many products that sometimes we are even confused, right? In the video, you learn the difference between them, how to use them and some options to invest.

Which mist to use?

If you have doubts about which mist to use, be sure to watch this video! It shows us the differences between fixing and illuminating mists, in addition to the main functions and components of the products.

Matte or glow effect?

While some love a dry skin, others prefer an over-lit one. Check the difference between the mists of different finishes to choose the best one for you.

Just spray on your face and enjoy the effects of the mist! Convinced to include this little product in your necessaire? See how to make your productions last longer with makeup fixative.

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