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Do you want to innovate in manicure? These oval nail inspirations will win you over. They can be shaped in shorter or longer styles. Regardless of the proposal, you will rock. And if you do your own nails, check out, at the end of the article, some tutorials that will help you achieve this result.

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30 oval nail photos that move from classic to modern

With the nail file just let the creativity in the design. You can choose between unique colors, francesinhas, gradients or designs. Choose your favorite combination and already separate the sandpaper and the enamels!

1. The oval nail can make your hand more delicate

Camyla Lima

2. And also very chic

Larissa Costa

3. It allows you to innovate in design

Lien Nails & Spa

4. And abuse the colors

Cristinna Olliveira Nails

5. Goes well on narrower nails

Pry Barroso

6. And also those that are wider

Carol Marques Nails Designer

7. Look how cool this marking with lines

Lien Nails & Spa

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8. Or this beautiful proposal of modern francesinhas with glitter

Lóly Nails Design

9. But if you want to surprise, this colorful francesinha is the right choice

Ju Stier

10. You can file your nails leaving a shorter length

Thay Lemos

11. Or do not waste anything by leaving your nails very long

Home of the Biah

12. Design with an only daughter

Lien Nails & Spa

13. And reproduce your favorite print

Studio Lorana

14. This format allows you to include several elements, such as decorative stones

Gislaine Aleixo

15. A layer of glitter will enhance your nails even more

Thays Peacock

16. If you want to draw attention, this model does it in a balanced way

The Nails Ninja

17. This flower will make your nails happier

Kathy’s Nails & Spa

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18. It doesn’t take much to make the design look beautiful

Studio Ludmila Carvalho

19. And if you want something versatile, bet on more closed tones

Lual Aesthetics and Beauty

20. Or in a lighter nude

Studio Lais Alves

21. Even with shorter nails it is possible to sand in this format

Édina Rauber Studio da Beleza

22. And on long nails, the rounded one must be well executed and be uniform

Amanda Miranda Nails

23. A touch of color always goes well

Donna Bear

24. Smooth nails are not wrong. Be they dark

Donna Ursa

25. Or very clear

Studio Lais Alves

26. The gradient creates an incredible effect

Lien Nails & Spa

27. And the white francesinha is a classic

Van Ribeiro Nails

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28. This minimalist proposal looks wonderful

Desiderata Hairdressers

29. Light tones are easy to match with clothes

Jenifer Nail Designer

30. But daring can also be a lot of fun

Jennita TT Nails

With so many cool options, you can vary the models every week. It is a very elegant and practical format for everyday use.

How to sand an oval nail

Do you have the sandpaper separate? Now just learn how to file your nails properly. It is necessary to follow a pattern to make the oval shape of all nails very harmonious. Check out some tutorials and follow the tips:

Oval almond nail

The term “almond” is also used to represent the oval nail. Here, you can check out a little bit more about this amazing format. To put it into practice, it is recommended to make a line in the middle of the nail, so that the center is very even between all nails.

How to sand the oval nail with adhesive

It is common to file the nail and get excited. In order not to get lost in this process, just use a ball sticker as a template. It will guide you to have a beautiful oval nail with a more rounded pattern.

Turning the square nail into oval

Leave your square nail in the oval shape without difficulty. In this video, you will learn how to make this change. The secret lies in sanding mainly the sides of the nail correctly. Check out!

Now it is easy to keep your nails modeled and with a beautiful appearance. And if you like to keep the sizes well standardized, check out these tips on how to paste a broken nail that will save you when that happens.

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