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Gleici Duarte

The sweet redhead is one of the darlings of those who live in the redhead saga. It is a tone that gives that air of natural red so dreamed of. Its matte appearance gives incredible lightness to the hair. Check out what this tone is, see inspirations, how to get there and the necessary care.

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What is the sweet redhead

This shade of red has this name because it is a more neutral tone, almost nude, with a more golden and matte background. The final color comes from the mixture between gray and natural copper, which generates a simply fascinating result. And if you still don’t know the sweet redhead, check out the inspirations below.

15 photos of sweet redheaded milk for you to fall in love with

Are you ready to want that shade of red for yesterday? I hope so, because the photos below are a temptation!

1. The sweet redhead is stunning

Gleici Duarte

2. It is perfection in a red tone

Catharine Moura

3. Its tone is a mix of nude, gold and matte

Maria Welli

4. And the result of this mixture is a surprisingly beautiful shade


5. To achieve this shade, check the current shade of your hair

Júlia Lira

6. This influences the result of the redhead

Redhead factory

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7. Being able to reach lighter tones

Fer Passion

8. Or darker

Gleici Duarte

9. Remember that it is normal for the redhead to fade soon

Juliana Costa

10. Use a toner and make root touches, if necessary

Renata Sá

11. The sweet redhead is easy to reach, but needs care

Magna Paulo

12. After all, you don’t want to lose the charm of this redhead

Erica Paloma

13. To have a sweet redhead is to be noticed

Paula Coutinho

14. Impossible not to get sighs out there

Ana Letycia B. de Andrade

15. Get ready to rock with that tone!

Sarah Oliveira

If you are not a redhead, you will definitely want to be after these photos. Want to know more about what products to use on your hair? So, check out the tips we’ve separated.

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Videos to help you have the redhead so dreamed

Check dyes to get the dulce de leche red, as well as care, tips on how to tone and creams.

Dyeing your hair with dulce de red

In this video, Gleici, who has been a redhead for years, will renew her red with the sweet color of milk. It uses a mix of shades from the BeautyColor brand: 96.44 + 9.1. It is worth mentioning that the brand has a placement called dulce de leche, but with a darker tone, which is not what is desired by the influencer. Check out the tips to have a perfect redhead at home!

BeautyColor dulce red

If you are curious about the red color tone of the BeautyColor brand, watch this video by Bia Maria. Not only does she dye her hair, but it also shows the result to us – which is darker, but just incredible.

Igora’s sweet redhead

Do you want to use a professional paint to achieve the red of your dreams? Check out the video of Magna Paulo, who looks like she was born a redhead. It uses the tones number 8-77 and 8-1 and then shows the result of the tone. In addition, it talks about some products for dyed hair. After all, taking care of your hair is important to maintain color.

Retouching the sweet redhead

If you want your redhead always stunning, maintenance is necessary. Check each step with Gleici and professional Letícia. A tip of caution is not to touch up only the root, to avoid a visible division of shades in your hair. Watch it!

You decided to go red, but are you undecided about the tone? So, check out these red tones so there’s not a doubt left!

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