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Maintaining a skincare for oily skin helps to prevent excessive oiliness, as well as it contributes to healthier skin. We spoke with the dermatologist and trichologist Joana D’Arc Diniz (CRM: 67786-8 RJ), Scientific Director of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and the Brazilian Hair Society (RJ), who explained all the essential care. Follow us!

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Skincare routine for oily skin step by step


When discovering your skin type and investing in specific care, the difference in texture, beauty and health of your skin is remarkable. That is why having a skincare routine is so important.

You should use specific products, oil free and that help to leave the oiliness out throughout your day, following the steps that include cleaning, hydration and sun protection. Joana indicated a complete step by step, in order to help you maintain a skincare for oily skin day and night. Check out all the details below!

Daytime routine

  • Sanitize the skin: “To remove dirt from contact with bedding and even remnants of creams applied at night, in addition to the sebum produced. I recommend micellar water because it has a mild pH, without damaging the skin ”, he explains.
  • Wash your face with specific soap for oily skin: according to the dermatologist, the specific soaps for oily skin may contain niacinamide, which controls sebaceous secretion and bacterial proliferation, and salicylic acid, which removes dead cells from the surface layer of the skin, also controlling sebum production. “Salicylic acid can be used in different concentrations, depending on the degree of oil in the skin and the amount of pimples or blackheads. In general, in the morning, the skin is cleaner and hydrated, which is why I prefer to prescribe soaps with lower concentrations of salicylic acid ”, he comments.
    Another agent that the soap can contain is glycolic acid, responsible for promoting cell renewal, removing dead cells from the surface. “This allows a more homogeneous surface of the skin, without so many changes in relief, and prevents clogging of the pores. Interesting in thicker skins ”, he says.
  • Moisturize the skin: the dermatologist explains that we should be concerned with the pH of the moisturizer and the active ingredients of the formulation. “I prefer products based on serum. For very oily skins, there is an association of salicylic acid with vitamin C on the market, capable of hydrating and controlling excess oil. ”
    The dermatologist also recalls that oily skin should not be excessively dried out, to avoid the rebound effect on sebum production. Another component that your moisturizer may contain are prebiotics: they help in the maintenance and balance of the bacterial flora of the skin, preventing the formation of pimples or skin lesions.
  • Wear sunscreen: “There are sunscreens on the market with technology to control sebum production for a few hours. The vehicle of the protector is also important for oily skin. They should preferably be based on water, water, gel or serum ”, he explains. After the daytime steps, you can start your makeup routine. Joana comments that it usually indicates sunscreen powder so that it can be reapplied during the day.

Night routine

  • Sanitize the skin with micellar water or make-up remover: it’s time to completely remove all the make up! Using the biphasic makeup remover is important, if you use water resistant makeup, for example.
  • Use more concentrated facial soaps: at night is that time when you can use facial soaps with higher concentrations of salicylic acid or glycolic acid. “I really like the use of menthol in facial soap formulations, because it makes the skin refreshing,” he adds.
  • Apply thermal water or facial tonic: products indicated for restoring the pH of the skin, providing soothing and healing action.
  • Moment of skin cell renewal with hydration: “Here, formulas containing retinoic acid and its derivatives are added for a more mature skin and glycolic acid, the bleaching, in the case of skin with blemishes. Today we are able to put several active principles of different functions in the same formulation, optimizing and adding the benefits of each one to the skin. So it is possible to control oiliness, treat blemishes, moisturize and stimulate renewal to obtain a cleaner, healthier and rejuvenated skin ”, he concludes.

In addition to having this complete routine, we have separated other cares that are incredible for your skin’s skincare. Follow us!

Care Tips for Oily Skin

The first tip is to maintain a schedule of care during the morning, afternoon and evening. The morning care starts with the steps we have listed above, the afternoon care is related to reapplication of sunscreen (which can be powdered) and, at night, you can continue with your well-organized routine. Write down other tips there!

Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and evening

Put this dermatologist’s tip into your skincare for oily skin: “if you play sports and sweat a lot, you can always wash afterwards, giving preference to milder soaps, avoiding excess dryness. So I also like to indicate that you alternate soaps: facial soaps in bars or liquids tend to have different formulations in acid concentration. In the morning and during the day, milder soaps. At night, soaps with higher concentrations. ”

Attention to water temperature when washing body and face

Did you know that high temperatures favor increased secretion by the sebaceous glands? And this is what can cause more blackheads and pimples, influencing the appearance of your skin. So keep an eye out!

Maintain a balanced and healthy diet

Having a healthy diet helps to control the intestinal flora and has positive effects on the skin. Also, avoid inflammatory foods, because they worsen the oiliness of the skin, favoring contamination and the appearance of acne.

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“Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, with antioxidant action, are very welcome in the diet. Avoid industrialized sugar, foods with a high glycemic index and excess carbohydrates, since they are potent inflammatory substances in the body and increase sebum secretion. Hydration of the body is essential for proper functioning, so water is very welcome ”, he concludes.

Oral and topical use of probiotics

According to the dermatologist, the oral use of probiotics helps in the intestinal flora, which influences the proper functioning of the whole organism. “There are now nutraceuticals with probiotics, vitamins and minerals that can be prescribed for oral use daily and help control inflammation and acne, in addition to improving oiliness.”

For topical use, it is very worthwhile to look for products that have concentrations of prebiotics to help protect against bacteria.

Sunscreen with color

“Colored sunscreens are superior in helping photoprotection, repelling solar radiation on the skin more. Just indicate the best vehicle for oily skin ”, he recommends.

Facial mask once a week

The dermatologist told us that, in the daily routine of the facial routine, she usually establishes 4 steps, but, once a week, a facial mask can be indicated. This mask enters step 3, followed by hydration and sunscreen.

Also remember to be careful with medications that increase oiliness and sebum production, as well as avoid excessive intake of vitamin B and anabolic complexes, because the latter causes an increase in male hormones and, consequently, oiliness. How about now knowing more about the products for your skin type? Check it out below!

The best skincare products for oily skin

Get to know now the darling products by bloggers, youtubers and beauty specialists, who help a lot in the care of oily skin!

1. Actine Darrow Tonic Astringent Lotion – $$

Contains dermoenergizing actives, such as witch hazel water, which helps to reduce greasiness. It also has glycolic and salicylic acid, acting against acne. A powerful tonic to purify and improve skin texture.

“In the first days of use, I started to feel an anti-inflammatory action. Those pimples, especially those on the forehead, were deflating. ” – Beauty Doubts

2. Purified Skin Neutrogena Micellar Water – $$

A product that promises to help control oiliness and remove makeup, including waterproof. It helps to unclog pores and is very refreshing.

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“I think, in fact, it is a product that works super. He cleaned everything, people, even the corners under my eyes, which were with a lot of makeup. It took everything away. ” – Leticia Rodrigues Blog

3. Normaderm Phytosolution Vichy Facial Cleansing Gel – $$

Product indicated for mixed and oily skin, which offers a deep cleansing, acting against the formation of blackheads and pimples. Cleans effectively, but without leaving it dry, and reduces oiliness, in addition to excessive shine.

“A formula enriched with minerals and probiotics, which will help to remove dirt from the skin and also greasiness.” – Carol Ramos

4. Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 Anasol – $$

A sunscreen with protection factor 50 that is cheap and oil free with a dry touch, leaving the skin dry, but manages to maintain hydration. Its assets, such as aloe vera, clay and vitamins, make it even more interesting.

“I found this to be a good sun protection more affordable. It contains good assets and a fair price – it delivers what it promises. ” – DrasDupin

5. L’Oréal Paris Defender Anti-Grease Color UV Protector – $$

In the anti-oil version with color, this protector has 3 shades and offers sun protection factor 60. It also has anti-photo aging action, which helps you to prevent wrinkles, expression lines and sunspots.

“Another very important fact is that it has already dried 100% on my face. It really is that feeling that the skin has completely absorbed. ” – Bianca Camargo

6. Hydro Boost Water Gel Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer – $$$

That perfect moisturizer for oily skin, with a light gel texture. It is dry, absorbs in the skin and helps to disguise the pores. It can even be used before makeup.

“Its texture is very easy to spread, it looks like I even applied a primer. It closes the pores, leaves everything smooth, gives a slight blur effect, moisturizes and even leaves the skin dry. It is everything that those with oily skin want. ” – Carol Monteiro

7. Effaclar La Roche-Posay Oily Skin Serum – $$$$

This serum is great for preventing the first signs of age, formulated specifically for oily skin. With La Roche-Posay thermal water and an association of acids, it moisturizes without weighing oily skin and helps to reduce pores.

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“The skin absorbs super-fast. You don’t have a greasy feeling on your skin. You don’t feel that your skin gets sticky. I think this is a very important point for those with oily skin. ” – Marcella Rovito

As we have seen, taking care of the body from the inside out is a learning experience that we must put into practice in our day to day. Speaking of which, there are foods against oiliness and dry skin that, included in your routine, become allies in controlling excessive oil production!

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