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At the time of an event, we think which dress or design to use, but in this case we are going to work on the search for dresses and designs for the smallest of the house, so that they look like all princesses.

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Choosing a design that goes well and that is comfortable for girls is somewhat complicated, this despite the fact that the design often makes them uncomfortable, the type of fabric itches, or it is very large, that is why we need to see different models so that the choice is adequate, and above all think about the comfort of the little ones at the same time that they look beautiful and divine like fairy tales.

Suitable Colors

The right colors for a girl’s dress, which is princess style should be the first thing you keep in mind, since they must be bright, strong and outstanding, so that at all times the girl’s beauty stands out and looks like a real princess, That is why we will leave you a small list with the colors that are most advisable to use in girls’ dresses, it is important that you take into account the opinion and taste of your little girl, since the choice of it will also depend on this and it will be more easy to comply with this process.

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Among these colors we can get a matte or solid design, such as: pink, purple or violet, blue, melon, white, green, either clear or aqua, red, yellow, coral, orange, yellow and turquoise. We also have a color combination palette, which could be: white and red, pink and white, blue and white, lilac and pink, white and gold or black and gold, white with red and black, gray with fuchsia and white. , blue with silver among many more.


The dresses can have different patterns and in the case of girls even more, since it lends itself to playing with a wide variety of motifs for these, among them we can find patterns such as: dots, stripes (whether vertical or horizontal)

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Flowers in any of their sizes, butterflies, snails, arabesques, with bows or brushstrokes.

Advice for choosing the dress

It is important to know these basic elements when choosing the design for your little girl, since it must be a model that does not look so exaggerated for her age and size, you must take care that the dress you choose is a certainly elegant and stylish design princess, but respect that the girl feels good and well with the dress, this serves to prevent her from looking like a small lady, when she looks very overloaded she can look bad and attract negative attention and become a point of criticism, this should be avoided 100%, since the ideal is that it looks elegant and striking but in a subtle and delicate way like the girl that it is.

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Knowing these small but great details or elements, you will be ready to choose an ideal dress for this occasion, do not forget to take into account the opinion of the little girl since her taste is important at this decisive point, where both opinions are both that of the mother as the little one they are of great importance so that everything goes as you wish.

Allusive designs to the princess style

Looking for a princess-style design is an incredible experience since the little one of the house will live like in a fairy tale and the idea is that she has fun while choosing her dress in a beautiful and simple way, that is why we leave you some ideas so that help yourself.

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Dress in Heart Cut: A dress that is presented with a heart cut in the upper part and is displayed with a long skirt, this skirt can be pleated or loose with waves, the color is up to the person’s choice as it can be used the color you want, and as a detail you can add a shiny waistband, as in some adjustments to the bust you can wear some sparkles and sequins or simply put the waistband, the skirt can be long, medium or short, this is according to the chance.

V-cut dress: A model where the neckline is V-shaped, this type of neckline is seen more than anything in more youthful designs, the fala can be worn short or long here it is to the taste of the person, the colors to be used can be whatever you want They can be combined if desired, some accessories can be added to the dress to make it look more elegant and eye-catching such as: Sparkly, Sequins, Embroidery, Lace, Waistbands, Etc.

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Dresses with or without sleeves: This decision is left to the person, since depending on the occasion or the design of the dress you can play with the use or not of sleeves, it should be noted that there are different types of sleeves which can open a window of options for them, some of them are: Tulip, French, Juliet, Puffed, Poet, Circular, Lantern, Etc.

Assorted Dresses: Other ideas that work very well are short dresses, or knee-length so that they are comfortable for the little girl and can look equally elegant, skirts can be used with lace or tights combined with a unicolor fabric or sometimes adding prints can be A great idea, since being girls, some patterns can come in handy in some designs.

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Transparent or mesh sleeves are also usually very beautiful, depending on how you combine the accessories and elements you can achieve a fairy tale design and you will make your little one look like a princess style dress. You can also take into account some models that you observe on the web and give yourself a broader idea.


Remember that you are looking for a princess-style design, avoid falling into very grotesque or exaggerated dresses, the ideal is for your little girl to look like a princess but in a simple and beautiful way so that she feels like a queen, you need to remember not to overload her so much accessories as it could make you uncomfortable, don’t forget to take your opinion into account when choosing.


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