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If you have a great gala night and you don’t know what dress to wear, here we will give you some options that will make you the queen of the night and the center of all eyes.

The codes of the night

The first thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to a very elegant event is that the long dress is irreplaceable, so once you receive the invitation, either for a wedding or any event to which you have been invited, you must take into account what they call the “code drees”, which are the indications on the type of gala and the wardrobe that it deserves.

Even so, there are several codes that govern what can or cannot be used according to the event, for example, there is the “White tie”, or what translates as a rigorous style of etiquette. Here only very long dresses are accepted, as well as flush with the floor, it even defines the type of hairstyle you should use.

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In the “White tie”, you must go with your hair collected. That is, it is necessary that when you go to the stylist you inform him of the code of the event to which you were invited so that he knows what hairstyle he should do.

Another of the dress codes is the “Black tie”, which accepts long dresses. Not as much as the previous one but they are still long. That is, a semi-informal style. In this the opening events are classified, as well as the weddings at night.

When the budget counts

It is not a secret at all that when we want to choose a party dress we must have a good budget, because we always like the most expensive.

In that sense, we can suggest that you consider the option of renting a ball gown, since there are a variety of stores that rent dresses for every occasion.


This option is viable if you consider wearing a dress that you will never wear again. So why spend so much on something that you will only use once and now?

On the other hand, if you continue on the topic of saving money, but being very well dressed, look in shopping malls for those stores that have balance sales. Even very glamorous party dresses can be found in these types of stores.

Choice of evening dress

Once you have classified the dress according to the code and you have found the store (s) where to get it according to your budget and style, it is time then that we take care of models and colors, as well as accessories.

As for color, black and red are the colors of elegance without discussion, and this has been confirmed through the history of the catwalks, even so it does not mean that they are the only colors or that you will clash if you show up. in the event with a dress of another color. But, both colors that we mentioned dress by themselves when it comes to elegance.

hot sexy mermaid red evening dresses

A key element to be the most elegant or one of them, is satin, and this because of the great shine in the fabric of the dress. Since, dresses with opaque fabrics are little seen.

Elegance and shine

The synonym for gala is shine. So why not wear glitter on our dress?

Although the label and its codes tell us what to wear from the waist down, as for the length of the dress, they do not limit us from the waist up.

long evening dresses2

A V-neckline is so glamorous, like a simple strapless, totally closed high neck and the classic band-aid.

Key accessories

What makes the difference in this aspect are the accessories.

Whenever you wear a neckline, it must be accompanied by a striking jewel fitted around the neck. When it comes to the classic straight band on both shoulders, you can go for a gold chain with a dige.

It is necessary that you try to always combine that jewel with the earrings. And, the longer the neck jewel, the shorter the earrings should be and vice versa. The idea is not to see you recharged. Always remember that the best jewel you should wear is yourself.

Elegant necklines

Continuing with the search for the perfect dress for your very elegant night, if you have a slim figure you could very well consider the necklines in the back. These can be moderate to mid-back or long until the end of it.

With a very long neckline in the back, there will be no look that can resist you, asymmetric dresses have also been seen a lot on the fashion catwalks. Even the artists are wearing them a lot on their way through the red carpet.

As for the width from the waist down, it will depend on your figure. If you are slim you can play with it. That is, you will look good with a very tight dress as with a loose skirt.

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In the event that you are one of the most plump, consider the wide skirt, you will not want to spend the night without being able to breathe. As long as your dress is the right color and very bright, you will be just as elegant.

In addition, if you are in the sweet waiting, the designers have also remembered you when making their creations, since today there is a great variety of elegant dresses for pregnant women.

Remember that what matters most in any event is that you feel good about yourself, that you have a comfortable night with the choice of dress you have made and finally, the star of the night must be you.

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