Long evening dresses with sleeves


The celebrations and special events that take place only at night are not only held in the spring or summer season when good weather reigns, they also take place in the winter season and throughout the year.

So that on the day of the special celebration you want to be protected from the cold and with an elegant look, these beautiful evening dresses with sleeves are perfect for you.

They are dazzling dresses of the latest fashion trends, you just have to choose the model that best suits your personality.


Red dress

Red dresses are those that are always present in all seasons, especially for the last months of the year, since it is a striking and elegant color.

With a red dress you will not go unnoticed by anything in the world at the party you have to go to. It is a perfect color for the holidays and the end of the year.


Dress with transparency

With a dress with sleeves it does not mean that you will look completely covered, of course women who like to wear a reserved look can do it, but if you like to show yourself a dress with a bit of transparency it is great.

This beautiful dress has a bit of transparency in the area of ​​the sleeves and on the sides of the waist, which helps to perfectly mark the silhouette with a sexy style.


Dress with neckline at the back

Dresses with a neckline in the back are those that have a sexy and elegant style, with a dress of this style you can arrive at the party with a simple style, but suddenly you turn around, that is where you show an elegant and sophisticated touch.

This dress design is one of the sexiest of the season, since in addition to the elegant neckline in the back, in the front area it has a pronounced V-neckline that gives an extra sexy touch.


Balloon-sleeved dress

The sleeves with balloon style are those that are always present in the trends of fall – winter dresses, especially for this and next year. It is a perfect sleeve style for slim women.

Women who have broad backs and shoulders are not recommended to opt for a balloon-sleeved dress.


Dress with three-quarter sleeves

On cold days there are also wedding celebrations that take place at night, if you are invited to one of them, this long dress with three-quarter sleeves is perfect for you to wear a simple, but classy look.

The design of this beautiful dress is simple to fall, has sparkling details in the neckline area and fits perfectly to all types of body.


Current trend dresses

Then I leave you with more models and designs of fashionable dresses. You have dresses with lace, with an opening in the skirt, with a plunging neckline, etc.














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