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Beautiful, elegant accompanying your son

Your son marries you, your baby has grown up and today he is going to form a nest with a girl who will surely make him happy. It is a defining moment for both your child and you. Most of the articles only talk about the bride and how she should look, but in each wedding that takes place there are two very important characters who give the ceremony seriousness and solemnity. We are referring to mothers, without them, without their performance years ago, the act today would have been impossible. You took time to care for your children and to provide them with the greatest of riches: your love.

We want to dedicate this article to the mother of the groom who is the one who delivers her son to church. Greatest moment for a woman. So the mother of the groom must be at the height of the event. She is practically the co-star in that new love movie.

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So we are going to show you the most beautiful and comfortable designs for that proud mother who will deliver her child to church. For this year 2020 the designers gave flight to creativity. We are no longer talking about sad and unattractive models, but on the contrary, they show the beauty that has matured in you.

Golden elegance


When we are talking about high gala, we recommend this gold model with draping and neckline to the shoulders, made of silk and with a front opening. Very simple, stately and modern through which you will show off your attributes, you can wear it with a high bun or with long hair. Also depending on your skin tone and personality, you can version it in colors such as red, red wine and electric blue, an aquamarine is excellent for mothers who look and feel young.

Short and lace

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There are mothers who do not want to wear a long dress because then the eternal sleep in the closet sleeps and, if you really are not going to feel comfortable, we bring you this very youthful and classic model at the same time. We are talking about a fitted dress with sleeves to the armhole and V-neckline. You will give the depth depending on the personality. Manufactured in lace are the sleeves, which have openings at shoulder height. The same simple draping is located in vertical and horizontal axes to adjust the waist and to stylize the body with an optical effect. Of course the length is above the knee, if you are more conservative you can take it up to the middle leg. We advise you to use light colors to give life to your face.

Asymmetrical guajiro


This is a beautiful model made of silk muslin, whose design is a version of the clothing of the Venezuelan guajiras, the version modifies the traditional costume and on one side you have a three-quarter sleeve and on the other a guajiro or kimono style, its round neck allows you freedom of movement and a beaded embroidery finishes the model. Very appropriate for day or summer weddings.

For sensual mothers


Being the mother of the groom does not indicate that you should wear a turtleneck and long sleeves. On the contrary, the more mature women the more beautiful, they have a serene beauty that captivates many. So this bronze model with a straight strapless that is decorated by two drapes that frame the bust and direct the gaze to the waist, refining and defining it to continue in a fitted skirt that opens in soft folds. If you have good shoulders and waist this is your model.

Like a greek goddess


For moms with a passionate temperament, we bring this very youthful but elegant model that meets the formal rigors of the ceremony. We are talking about a Greek tunic style model with a halter neck and bare shoulders, very loose, where a beaded belt hugs the dress to the body, marking the waist with a wide, moving skirt. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is.

Grace Kelly style


This is a classic of feminine elegance. This model was used and projected by the Hollywood actress. This is characterized by a tray-type neckline that exposes the shoulders, highlighting the beauty of the neck, and then fits the body. Its smooth skirt continues to define the silhouette, reaching its length to the knees. Finally, its three-quarter sleeves complete the Grace Kelly style.

Salmon brocade

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This is a beauty of dress, made in silk brocade with deep V neck with long sleeves, very close to the body to define your figure and fitted skirt. The play of light on the texture of the fabric works wonders on your figure. Wear it with high hairstyles or long hair if it is to your liking. Simply elegance and simplicity.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the co-star of this new love story must be beautiful because she flourished, her son marries and forms his life. So, choose one of these dresses to make you look splendid on this special occasion. If you liked this article, leave us your comment, your opinion is very important to us.

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