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Choosing a dress is usually an expensive job, since as women we are very complicated in this aspect, but choosing an evening dress if you are pregnant tends to become a little more complicated, since we know that being pregnant at a very beautiful stage in life , but not all dresses can fit you since you have to take into account your beautiful belly.

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But calm down here we will give you all the tips and advice you need to choose a suitable dress that looks good and makes you feel comfortable and elegant so that you shine like a diva.

Tips for choosing your ideal dress

The first thing you should know is that anyway and even with your beautiful belly you will look great and beautiful, so do not get carried away by the comments that if you are pregnant you cannot wear elegant dresses because that is false, when you find the ideal dress you will look as radiant as a Disney princess.

Colors: Choosing the correct color for you is essential, it will highlight your natural beauty, if you want to acquire a black dress it can serve you since it is very versatile and it can serve you for any occasion just by adding or changing accessories you will achieve different styles, in addition to this you must select the combination of your makeup very well. Other lighter colors can be Pink, Blue, Melon, Red with white etc. You can choose a model with a small animal print design so as not to enlarge your figure and make you look loose and comfortable.

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Appropriate necklines: It should be noted that a neckline in a woman is usually a very feminine and daring detail, it is usually much more during pregnancy, in this case it is to improve selecting the V necklines, on the contrary that if you do not want to spend a lot and acquire For a more versatile dress you can buy a model with a simple heart-shaped neckline.

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The Perfect Fit: You can choose dresses with comfortable fittings for you but not so tight, in general the dresses are wide or straight since this generates more volume and the idea is to look feminine, models with soft fabrics and with some elasticity, in their Most cotton dresses are recommended as this will make you feel comfortable and fresh in these cases, pleated or draped dresses are an excellent decision to look elegant and simple.

An Ideal Length: One tip that you should keep in mind is knee-length dresses since in many cases the legs swell a lot, if the opposite is the case you can use them a little higher than the knee, you should only avoid those models that end on the ankles or calves as this will visually make you look wider. You can wear them with low heels so you don’t get tired so quickly.

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Adapt the Waist: A good idea is the dresses that are cut just below the belly as it frames the hips and focuses the attention on the legs and leaves the bottom a little loose. We know very well that the curves are those that define a woman and especially in the waist and with the growth of the belly the waist disappears, in this case dresses that mark the high waist are advisable (called princess cut) which means under the bust, you can add a strap or belt to give more shape and voila.

Ideal Colors and Designs

The colors and designs of dresses to wear are multiple, that is why we bring you a small list with the colors and designs most appropriate and appropriate for you and this occasion where you should look radiant and simply elegant.

Turquoise Blue: A design in this short color, with a V-cut, and a small belt under the bust with a pleated loose skirt can be an ideal option to look perfect and catch eyes. This model can be used in the color that best suits you, the most recommended are: Fuchsia, White, Black, Orange, Purple.

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White: A dress by the knees, with three-quarter sleeves and a low cut will make you look simple and elegant, you can accommodate it with different accessories and add a special touch. You can use it in different colors.

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Floral: A draped or flower-patterned model can make you look great and beautiful, short at the knees with short sleeves and a heart-shaped cut or three-quarter sleeves is an ideal outfit, accompanied by simple accessories you can stand out without much work.

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Long and Comfortable: In this case you can use long dresses that do not reach the floor so that you avoid tripping and falling, you can use a model up to the ankles. You can wear them long, short or three-quarter sleeves. The cuts can vary in turtlenecks, V, or heart-shaped, it is recommended that they be dressed in solid colors, in this type of dresses avoid prints.

Important Tips

Avoid high heels, try not to use prints on long dresses, if it is a night party, long sleeves are the most recommended (because of the cold). You can add a small vest, scarf, belt to your dress.

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Remember to match accessories appropriately (don’t overdo it). Do not forget that it does not matter that you are pregnant, in the same way you can look incredible, beautiful and elegant, you just have to choose a suitable model and color and voila, you will be ready to enjoy an incredible night.


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