Look at these original ideas to decorate the table at Christmas!


With the arrival of Christmas, not only the beautiful gifts arrive, but also the much more elaborate dishes and the decoration of the table so that it is super beautiful and cozy to receive your family.

If you still have doubts about how you are going to decorate it, do not despair and look at these original ideas to decorate the table at Christmas. You will surely receive more than one congratulation from your guests.

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Express centerpieces!

If you are going to use white china, take advantage of decorate the Christmas table with a colorful and cute centerpiece. Currently, the inverted glasses previously filled in the part of the chalice with flowers are in fashion, leaving the base or the foot free to place a thick candle. You can use carnations, roses, gerberas, etc., and candles of the same tone as the flower.

If the above idea does not convince you, you can prepare other centerpieces with mason jars. Let them soak in water and a few drops of bleach / bleach so that they clean well and are odor-free. Dry them and place stones or gems inside, water until the ¾ parts of their capacity are completed and then the flowers that you like the most.

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Napkin rings to decorate the Christmas table

Cut the toilet paper tubes in half. Glue a white strip of felt around each tube, then cut and glue another long but thinner strip of red felt so that the white edges are visible. Finally, in the center of the red felt another black strip and form the belt buckle using gold pipe cleaners. Ready! In a few steps you already have your napkin rings to decorate the Christmas table.

Decorate the bottles with Santa Claus

To give a much more original and Christmas touch to the table, how about decorating the wine or champagne bottles? Cut out two equilateral triangles with red felt and glue a thin strip of white felt to the base of each one.

Then, glue the inside of the sides of both triangles and join. Glue a pompom to the tip of the Santa hat, made of cotton or wool, and cut out a rectangle of red or green felt 30cm long and 2.5cm wide. Make small cuts at the ends of the rectangle to fringe the scarf and cross it over the bottle to form a bow. Paste where the strip has crossed.

Well, we are done 😉 Have these ideas to decorate the Christmas table? Do you have any other ideas for decorate the table at Christmas? Leave us your comments!

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