Looks for your kids this Holiday Season


Prepare your Peque for this Mexican holiday and make her look amazing, with beautiful Garment Designs that we bring to you today!

We are one year away from celebrating another year of Mexican Independence and you are probably thinking about how to dress your children, since not only do schools demand a look from the children that is very representative of the date, but also, by tradition, we choose to make the children look “Very Mexican”. On September 16th to be exact, this celebration takes place, surrounded by colors in green, white and red, Mexican decorations, music and lots of fun.Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

All the love and nostalgia that the date represents, it’s about passing to the little ones, so that the tradition is not broken, from maternal we look for the way that the child can represent the day through a very Mexican garment. And it is precisely at this point that the task of finding the “Disguise” that our little one will wear begins… Sometimes this produces a headache, even more so if we are first-time mothers. Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

But don’t worry… Don’t get all worked up!Today, in How to organize the house, we bring you some tips so you can design or copy the best costume for your children. He advised you before leaning towards any design to take the following into account:

  • Consider the climate when choosing your outfit.
  • Don’t spend too much, recycle some clothes you have in your closet and design your own Mexican costume.
  • Don’t look for your daughter to look like an adult, think of a cute outfit, just to go with the party.

Now, let’s see the 19 Mexican Costume Designs we have for you today:

  • Black embroidered dress: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

If your daughter has a typical gown from somewhere in Mexico, don’t hesitate to use it to dress her up for this upcoming Mexican holiday… She’ll look amazing!

  • A couple of Mexicans:Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

A beautiful Adelita with blue shawl, skirt and blouse with very Mexican embroideries and nice necklaces that complement the outfit perfectly. For the most handsome companion in the house, we see a blanket suit with a shawl around the waist, a palm hat and nice Mexican huaraches.

  • The most tender Mexican: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

Even if your princess is very small, don’t forget to copy this look and make her look super cute. You need an overflow skirt, embroidered blouses, cowboy huaraches and a nice red tiara that you have in your closet.

  • A charrito in white: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

A white and silver charro suit, will be very useful to copy perfectly this idea… You can without any problem adapt the guitar to make it look even more Mexican.

  • Mexican with Flowers: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

Typical Mexican dress in white and hand embroidered flowers, crossed sandals, beautiful braids woven with ribbon and some flowers forming a diadem, which makes the little one look beautiful.

  • Green, White and Red: Looks for your kids this Holiday SeasonStripes in typical colors of the national flag, some applications with a ribbon and a very peasant cut on the blouse, makes the Mexican costume very easy to copy.
  • For the little ones in the house:Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

A nice and fresh blanket dress in white, with embroidered flowers on the front and a beautiful tiara with more flowers, make the idea look tender and very original at the same time.

  • A lieutenant: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

A more original idea to dress our little ones… A lieutenant comes to this post to give you a different option of how to make your child look this September 16th.

  • Blanket suit: Looks for your kids this Holiday seasonLooks for your kids this Holiday season

Take out a blanket shirt from your closet and add a cloth to the outfit, it will look amazing and you will not break your head at all.

  • White dress: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

This idea is very practical to copy if we do not want to complicate our heads … You need a dress in white, which surely have in the closet of your daughter, just add a nice tiara of flowers and that’s it … Easy and very nice idea.

  • A charrito: Looks for your kids this Holiday Season

Make your child look beautiful by dressing him or her up as a charro and if you find a horse in your path, don’t forget to take the souvenir photo.

On the day of the celebration, don’t forget to capture the moment, for these are wonderful things to remember!



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