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Natalie Charlotte

How about brightening your face with water green hair? The color is very beautiful and can be used in several ways. If you want to play this experience, you can dye your hair all over and mix it with different shades. But if you want to start slow, painting only the tips will have an incredible effect. Worth a try!

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30 photos of water green hair that will convince you to color your locks

There is no reason not to play in that color! It adapts to different skin tones, ages and hair textures. With this selection of photos you will be able to view different combinations of colors and painting styles, such as gradient, full hair, locks and much more. Choose your favorite version!

1. This color makes the eyes shine

Rita Riot

2. In white skins, its highlight is surreal

Andreza Cecilia

3. See how it lights up your face

Hair Cult Beauty Lab

4. With short hair, it looks super stylish

Heide Does Hair

5. The bangs give the special touch


6. This color will raise the level of your hairstyles

Aline Castro

7. With babyliss leaves a perfect finish

Tristano Peluqueria

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8. He looks amazing on curly hair

Amanda dos Santos

9. Very wonderful, right?

Paulina Resende

10. Merging with other tones is a great choice

Aless Rose

11. Differentiate the tone of the tips, it is also sensational

Andreza Cecilia

12. Play in the colors and combine with purple

Rebecca In The Lab

13. Or with a very vibrant yellow

Kat Collett

14. Color the eyebrows to complete the water green hair

Manda Harsche

15. Gradient with gray is also a very interesting option

Cruz Gomez

16. With orange it is very fluffy!

Bruna Mattos

17. In short hair it brings a super highlight


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18. And in long hair it brings more life

Garbage Can Loser

19. How about leaving water green hair only at the root?

Kelly McKernan

20. A simple bun turns into a cool hairstyle

Karine Duarte

21. If you are afraid to paint everything, start with a few thin strands

Gisa Munoz

22. It looks super cool too!

Beauty Launchpad

23. Doing it on a more hidden part of the hair will reveal an incredible surprise

Steph Powell

24. You don’t have to choose a super vibrant tone to look beautiful, discreet also works

Shell Vega

25. Are you enjoying our inspiration list?

Samantha Smith-Daly

26. Water green is the perfect choice for a gradient between dark and light tones

Chelsea Akiko

27. If the intention is to impact, combine it with a very bright yellow

Hair Slayerz

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28. Regardless of the style you choose

The Mind of Savvy

29. Your water green hair will look wonderful!


30. So, you throw yourself into that woman tendency!

Caroline Lye

Were you able to find the ideal shade of water green hair for you? Colored hair requires care to stay healthy and beautiful, but it is certainly worth it, right? Check out some tutorials to transform your look right now!

How to dye your hair water green

Want to test how that color looks in your hair? With some tutorials, it is possible to apply the tincture at home. Be aware of chemicals to maintain the health and beauty of the strands. Follow:

Blending for the perfect color

Sometimes it is possible to find the ready water green color. But this tutorial teaches you how to create a beautiful tone with a mix of colors. Also, check out how the peeling process is done and then throw yourself in the water-green paint.

Dyeing hair alone

If you have no one to help you, don’t worry. This tutorial will show you how to apply the paint yourself, take the time to write down all the tips. See how to get a pastel tone when mixing the paint with the white cream, it looks amazing!

Color from root to tip

This video will teach you how to apply dye to all hair, from the roots to the ends. The color of the paint is very intense, but then the color fades and becomes a beautiful water green tone. Check out!

After this incredible selection, you can now schedule your appointment at the salon or venture into the homemade versions. And to learn more about some types of colored hair, check out these purple hair inspirations.