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There are several types of bangs that can be used on hair. There are those that help to disguise the forehead and those that give that romantic touch to the look. Thinking about cutting a fringe? Meet all types, get inspired and change your look!

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Types of bangs

To make it easier to know the types of bangs, we have selected a list of photos for you to follow. Come and see!

Irregular bangs

La Visage

With a modern touch, the irregular fringe is cut frayed, with threads in different sizes. It is interesting for those with an oval face or with a narrower forehead, as it can give the impression that the forehead is larger.

False bangs

Alvaros Louzada

The false bangs can be made in three different ways, a piece of the normal bangs cut shorter and with few strands, in front of the forehead; with your own hair by means of a hairstyle; using appliques. It is interesting for those who want to test the look with bangs, but are afraid of not liking it.

Long bangs

Marcos Proença Hairdressers

The long fringe allows you to change the cut without completely covering the forehead with hair. It combines with the most varied types of face, being more discreet. It can be straight or frayed at the ends.

Concave bangs

Shredded Way

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With a stylish and cool touch, the concave fringe is shorter in the middle and lengthens on the sides. It can also be peaked or shredded and blends well with oval-shaped faces.

Bangs for Curly Hair

Suelen Gomes

The curly ones can also rock the bangs. The cut is made with dry threads, to observe the size and volume of the fringe. They can be lateral, cover the forehead or be used in the curtain model. It is also free to bet on irregular curls to compose the bangs.

Straight bangs


The straight fringe can be made in different ways. The classic version is cut at the level of the eyebrows. However, there is also the one slightly frayed at the ends. Both leave the look elegant and the second version of the cut gives lightness to the face. However, they need more constant maintenance in order not to lose the cut.

Side bangs

Short Hair Cuts

For those looking for a simple change of look, the side fringe is a great choice. It can be short, long, straight or peaked. The cut is made in the same direction as the fringe or on the opposite side to which it will be used, everything depends on the desired effect.

Bangs bangs

Lab 738

Versatile and elegant, bangs or curtain fringe is used split in half, with the effect of a curtain to the forehead. That’s why it gets its name. It looks beautiful in short or long cuts, curly, wavy and smooth. In addition, it is chopped chopped.

Frayed fringe

Kayce Giovanella

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The frayed fringe is the one in which the cut is made from the bottom up. It combines with several styles, from a different look for the straight fringe to the false or side fringe. It looks beautiful on the round face, but can be used by any type of face.

Peaked bangs

Lorena Candido

The one with disconnected ends, creating a more modern look. It matches a lot with the curly ones and with women who have a square or triangular face. The cut creates a more bulky fringe.

Super short bangs

Adriely Bragatto

The super-short fringe is usually cut over the forehead, at a height above the eyebrow. It doesn’t have much secret, it can be shredded, chopped and even straight. It is a more modern and stripped style, leaving part of the forehead on display.

Long side bangs

Fábio Siqueira Room

Perfect for those who do not want to venture so much on the bangs and want to wear their hair with or without it. The cut is quite simple, done by combing the strands to the opposite side of the fringe and cutting the ends.

Did you already know all these fringes? Now you’re ready to include it in the cut and change the look. Continue reading the article, as we will bring tips for choosing the type of bangs.

How to choose the type of fringe

All types of faces and strands of hair can use bangs, however, there are options that give more value to the features and create that perfect look that you are looking for. Here are tips for choosing your bangs:

  • Show part of your forehead if your face is round: those with rounded faces can bet on the side fringes or curtains, which leave part of the forehead on display, to enhance the region and give the feeling that it is more elongated.
  • Consider the time and accessories to fix it: just like the rest of the hair, the bangs also live the famous “bad hair day”. So, analyze how much time you have available to fix it and what accessories you will need to include in your routine.
  • Bet on a versatile option: still have doubts? Prefer versatile fringes, which can be used loose or fastened. You can easily maintain a look with or without bangs. It is even worth investing in fake bangs with hair extensions or hairstyles.
  • Invest in models that match all face types: as you saw above, some fringe styles look great on any face shape. Choose one of them to get started and adapt to the fringed look.
  • Talk to your hairdresser: if it is too difficult to choose a style, you can talk to your hairdresser and ask which bangs match best with your favorite cut.

Did you like to know all the types of bangs that were presented here? Now you just need to choose your favorite. Then come see also the text on haircuts 2021.

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