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Most of the brides who will soon marry want their bridesmaids to be dressed the same and the same color, although other brides do not know what type of dress to wear and leave it to the ladies to choose what they like best.

But, the choice of the color of all the dresses will be to the taste and pleasure of the bride. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the most modern and elegant dresses for bridesmaids.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Bridesmaid Dress

The type of wedding. You have to choose the color and design that best suits the ladies, especially taking into account the type of wedding and climate.

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Same or different designs. The bridesmaids are identified by accompanying the courtship in a way that distinguishes themselves, but that does not mean that they are all dressed in the same way.

It is advisable to choose a tone or color but that the model may vary, so the ladies will have more freedom to use the dress that they love best and will look more comfortable during the ceremony.

But, it is very important that all bridesmaids keep the following in mind: leave out dresses with deep necklines and miniskirts.

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The length of the dress. Mostly, brides choose long dresses. But, there are brides who choose shorter models, but never above the knee.

Another alternative to give a more feminine touch is to choose a dress model that leaves the leg exposed. It will be a detail that all the bridesmaids will love.

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Color, colors or combinations? Choosing a single color for your bridesmaids will really be a sure hit, but if you want your ladies to wear a different look, then you have to choose more than one color. The most common color ranges are: shades of purple, blue or pink.

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Fabric types. Fabric is something you should always keep in mind when choosing modern and elegant bridesmaid dresses.

Silk chiffon is a fairly fine and light fabric. It is recommended for those weddings that take place during the day.

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For evening weddings that are regularly formal or more formal, it is recommended to use tulle, taffeta or lace, these fabrics have the characteristic of being light but at the same time very elegant.

Choose dark tones or with a touch of shine, because in the photos they will look much better and will make it the best ladies’ dress.

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How Bridesmaids Should Dress

The bridesmaids play a very important role in the wedding ceremony, they are great protagonists for accompanying the bride at all times. Therefore, you have to stand out among all the guests and to achieve this, your look has to be innovative and striking.

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Here are some very interesting tips that you should keep in mind so that the bridesmaids look perfect:

1. They do not have to stand out more than the bride, rather they should complement her. For this reason, the shades of the accessories and the dresses must combine very well. Thus, the bride in white with a pink bouquet and the bridesmaids in salmon dress with a white bouquet.

2. The dresses must be in accordance with the place of the celebration, the season of the year, the type of wedding and the chosen time. Long, short, without neckline or very low-cut, printed or plain, with one fabric or another, etc. You must take it into account to be at the height of the event and look beautiful.

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3. White and black are not recommended colors for bridesmaids by protocol and tradition. But there are brides who prefer them, for those cases, the lady has to look for the difference with very original and colorful accessories.

4. When choosing the dress, I advise that the ladies can have the freedom to choose a model that truly flatters them. You can choose a color and each one looks a different model, either by purchasing in the same store or making by a dressmaker.

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5. You can also choose a range of colors and let each of the ladies decide the color and model to use. Perhaps you only have to agree on some basic points, such as the sleeves, the length or a particular style.

6. And if you want each lady to follow her own style and fashion instinct, you can have in mind an accessory that everyone can wear the same: a shawl, a bouquet, a headdress or a scarf. Thus, all the guests will be able to identify them.

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So, now that you know how to choose modern and elegant dresses for bridesmaids, I recommend that you get down to work and choose the best models of dresses for your bridesmaids.

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