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Bruna Silva

The choice of nail polish also helps to waste style, so you can invest, without thinking twice, in red nails with glitter. The color matches everything and is still supermodern. Check out the suggestions and take the time to get inspired!

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50 photos of red nails with glitter to innovate and shine

If you love red nail polish and all the glitter of glitter, take the opportunity to get to know the photos selected below and choose your favorites.

1. Long nails and full of incredible details

Cinthia Ribeiro

2. Golden glitter with butterflies makes everything delicate

Monaliza Nail Designer

3. How about everything vermilion with two nails highlighted?

Elena dos Santos

4. Or draw attention to the stones?

Haven Nails Beaty & Spa

5. Delicate glitter and lots of love on the nails

Mabel’s Nails

6. The perfect blend of red glitter and colorless enamel

Edinei de Sales

7. Dark red and gold also stand out

Thays Almeida Franca

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8. Have you ever thought about leaving the glitter on just the tips of one nail?

Jenny Rodrigues

9. The incredible combination of a design with matte glitter and stones

Bruna Silva

10. And what do you think of this variation of the francesinha?

Ana Carolina

11. Glitter on the tips and designs that highlight the nails

Camila Gilberte Nail Designer

12. The silver glitter also deserves its prominence

Bianca Mendes

13. Just like this silver ribbon on the red francesinha

Lili Nails Designer

14. What do you think of the black glitter on the pinky?

Rose Reinert

15. A wealth of details that fascinate you

Vanessa Sáss

16. The truth is that glitter suits all ages

Marcela Gomes

17. Long, red, delicate nails with a lot of glitter

Tatiane Brito

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18. This is for those who love more discreet stones and the cuteness of golden glitter

Marya Oliveira Nail Designer

19. And this is for those who insist on a different detail in each nail

Nails Design by Enid

20. But this blood red with gold glitter also enchants

Claudia Souza Nails

21. And for those who want glitter on almost all nails this beautiful option

Studio Marla Soares

22. The detail that makes everything unforgettable

Katlyn Fernandes Nail Designer

23. And what do you think of the unique daughter nail rich in details?

Ana Cláudia Oliveira

24. The gold returns in the only daughter nail and in the gemstone

Josilaine Paschoal

25. That little silver glitter detail

Dani Franco Designer

26. Give your nails a more gothic feel

Lizandra Barboza

27. Would you experience this effect on both nails?

Vanessa Roesler

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28. White returns and accompanies matte red glitter

Nails Leiry

29. Butterfly, ribbon, glitter and everything you want

Rayane Dias Nails

30. This one has a simple touch, but without losing its charm

Nathy Manicure

31. Glitter and spotted nail look so beautiful

Julia Furlan Nails

32. That powerful red with polka dots, glitter and stones

Karine Lopez

33. How about several details in a single nail?

Read Carvalho

34. And why not bet on the whole style of red glitter with adhesive?

Taise Cardim Studio’s

35. Leopard print, black glitter and the red you love

Nails Art Anne

36. This is for you who love a discreet single daughter nail

Yara Ramos

37. This is for anyone who loves the effect of black glitter

Eliane Queiroz

38. The glycerized mixture looks good even on square nails

Nails by Priscilla

39. And the glitter can be dark and matte

Chiara Manicure

40. Dark red, glitter and silver ribbon makes everything perfect

Aparecida Duarte

41. There is an option for those who like a lighter tone

Joana Alves

42. And that detail with stones in the only daughter nail?

Studio Beleza & Stillo

43. Red flowers accompanied by golden glitter have their charm

Bianca Nails Designer

44. But it can also have a slightly golden glitter

Roseane Nail Design

45. And what do you think of this red bow on one of the nails?

Geisy Beautiful Nails

46. ​​What about this cute mix of red and white?

Karla Pizango Nails Designer

47. Do you agree that hearts make everything more romantic?

NayaraBR Nail Designer

48. The unique detail of red with golden glitter

Nataly Nails Designer

49. Or these red triangular nails with gold glitter?


50. And that charm of red and black

Nails by Larissa

All red glitter nails are charming, don’t you agree? Now just choose which style you would like to try. Continue reading to learn how to make this nail art.

How to make red nails with glitter

Do you want to do the detail of red nails with glitter at home? Take a look at the selected videos that will help you in this task:

Red nail with gold glitter and stones

A super detailed step by step that teaches you how to make the perfect nail polish, apply glitter on the tip of the nail and finish with stones. In addition, it recommends using materials that you already have at home, such as the nail separator sponge and the colorless base.

Red nails with glitter with enamel mix

There are six combinations of enamel that arrive in the color option mentioned by YouTuber. There are an average of 3 colors in each mix and the result is incredible.

Red nails with gold glitter and polka dots

There are two different nails, but simple to do. In one of them the glitter is applied and in the other colored balls are made over the white enamel. Brings tips on how to make the drawing with the cleaning stick.

After getting to know all these red glitter nails, you need to also check out this article on the nail fortifier.

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