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If you’re looking for Halloween movies to get your date in the mood, you’ve come to the right place! We have separated 13 options of all styles, which please fans of vampires and zombies! Prepare Halloween food and go to the couch!

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1. Jack’s strange world (1993)

Let’s start with the films for the family to see together! The feature tells the story of Jack, a resident of the city of Halloween. There, everyone spends the year preparing for the date, but everything changes when Jack decides to celebrate another festival. A mix of Christmas and Halloween awaits you in this horrifying plot!

2. The Corpse Bride (2004)

On the eve of their arranged marriage, Victor, by mistake, ends up in the world of the dead married to Emily, the corpse bride. From there, discoveries and passions unfold about the characters’ lives. Engaging and scary, this is an ideal story to bring the family together in front of the small screen!

3. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

The Hotel Transilvânia is owned by Count Dracula, created to house monsters far from humanity. At Dravula’s daughter Mavis’s 118th birthday party, an intruder appears. Jonathan is a young human who falls in love with Mavis and provides us with a fun plot full of monstrous adventures!

4. Abracadabra (1993)

Disney classic, Abracadabra features three witches who return from death after 300 years and aim to achieve immortality. For that, they will have to face the youngsters Max, Dani and Allison and a magic cat who are not for fun!

5. The Addams Family (1991)

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We could not ignore this classic! For sure, this macabre family will amuse yours! The Addams risk losing their treasure, so they come up with a plan together with their dishonest lawyer. The result? A funny and terrifying plot just right!

6. Zumbilândia (2009)

In a world dominated by zombies, survivors must unite if they are to be safe. Columbus is a young college student who hitchhikes with Tallahassee, who aims to kill as many zombies as he can. The two meet the clever sisters Wichita and Little Rock. From there, the comedy continues to be full of surprises and adventures in the search for survival.

7. Zombie Invasion (2016)

Still in the zombie vibe, this is an option for those who enjoy more action and suspense. The feature tells the struggle for survival in a world dominated by a virus that turns humans into zombies. This nail-biting film is worth checking out!

8. The witch (2015)

A family moves to an isolated region. There, the couple’s youngest son disappears and strange things start to happen. Without a lot of fright, this is a film with a psychological tension that involves you from beginning to end.

9. The Blair Witch (2016)

This is a new version of the film The Blair Witch 1999. It tells the story of young people who take risks in a forest in search of information about the disappearance of the sister of one of them. Scary and terrifying, this is a horror movie worthy of Halloween!

10. Invocation of evil (2013)

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Classic of the horror genre, Invocation of evil it is the story of a family that begins to notice strange activities happening in their new home. So they are looking for a couple of paranormal investigators who discover scary things about that place and the family. Get ready for many scares!

11. The exorcist (1973)

Of course, this one wouldn’t be left out of Halloween movies! Perceiving frightening behavior in his daughter, the character needs to turn to a priest, but he could not help. The only person able to deal with the problem is an exorcist!

12. Carrie – The Stranger (2013)

Carrie is a girl oppressed by her mother and who suffers from the perversion of the girls at her school. After experiencing many disturbing situations and problems, she discovers that there is more than just anger inside her. Find out what Carrie is capable of in this engaging plot!

13. Friday the 13th (2009)

Traumatized by his childhood experiences, Jason becomes a murderer, killing a group of young people who go camping, except one, for looking like his mother. To understand the mysteries of Jason’s life and how the search for the young woman unfolds, check out the movie that will close your Halloween with a flourish!

Did you see how many horrifying options? Choose your favorites and enjoy Halloween in the best way. For an even more complete night, check out these songs for Halloween and have fun!

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