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Streaming services offer incredible diversity in movies to watch with your family. The best of all is that you can define when to watch and then, just gather everyone on the couch at home. Check out the selection with the best options available on Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +.

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Family movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix was one of the first platforms to arrive in Brazil and has invested heavily in the country, including in Brazilian films. See what you can watch there:

1. Enola Holmes (2020)

At 16, young Enola Holmes must find her missing mother. To do this, you will have to outwit your brother Sherlock and use your deduction skills.

2. The Mitchell family and the machine revolt (2021)

During a trip, the Mitchell family’s plans are interrupted. They are considered the strangest family in the world and now need to save humanity from a robot uprising.

3. United Pets (2020)

A stray dog ​​joins other pets to unravel what’s happening in a city. Together they will face a villain and his army of robots. With this film the fun is guaranteed!

4. Day of the Yes (2021)

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A couple decides to make their children’s wildest dreams come true in a single day, Sim Day. Thus, children will live a moment with a lot of fun and few rules.

5. Double father (2020)

Vicenza has just turned 18 and lives in a hippie community alongside her mother. Determined to find out who her father is, she travels to Rio de Janeiro to unravel this mystery.

Movies to watch as a family on Prime Video

Prime Vídeo, an Amazon service, also features fun movies to bring everyone together in the living room. Check out the suggestions:

6. A true friendship (2014)

The story revolves around Finn, a 12-year-old victim of bullying and his few friends. Her life begins to change with the arrival of a labrador named Marshall. The film shows the incredible friendship between the boy and the dog.

7. Wim’s Story from A to Z (2015)

Wim is an orphan who wants to go to school. However, since the death of his parents, he works in a factory in the city. The film follows all his adventures.

8. Troop Zero (2019)

In 1977, in rural Georgia, an unusual girl dreams of living in space. After a NASA competition, she sees an opportunity to make her dream come true and for that she gathers a troop of Girl Scouts who will become her best friends.

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9. The frozen kingdom: Fire and ice (2017)

Kai and Gerda are brothers and have a talent: getting in trouble. They will cause a lot of confusion in the search to find the parents, who disappeared after being blown away by the North Wind.

10. On the way home (2019)

Based on the book of the same name, it tells the story of Bella, a nice little dog who will travel through different places, with the aim of meeting her owner again.

Movies to see with family at Disney +

At Disney + you can only find Disney productions. This is an opportunity to look back on childhood and watch the latest hits. Check out the tips:

11. Viva: Life is a party (2017)

Miguel wants to become a musician and to show his talent, he goes to the Land of the Dead. On his way, he ends up discovering many things behind his family’s history.

12. Raya and the last dragon (2021)

In Kumandra, dragons and humans once lived in harmony, but that changed when animals sacrificed themselves to save humanity. 500 years later, the same threat returns and it is up to Raya to find the last dragon that can help her.

13. Fun Mind (2015)

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In a playful and fun way, we learn more about the functioning of the human mind, through the character Riley, an 11-year-old girl, and her emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.

14. 22 against Earth (2021)

22 is a soul who refuses to go to Earth and has recruited 5 helpers to try to make a rebellion. What she does not imagine is that her plans will follow other paths, bringing many revelations about life. This animation takes place before the film “Soul”.

15. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The live-action of the famous story of Beauty and the Beast. After her father was captured by the Beast, the young Bela decides to switch places with him. In the castle you will discover magical objects and the truth about the Beast.

What did you think of the movies to watch with the family? Now just select your favorite streaming and get the popcorn. Then come and see what Netflix’s best horror movies are, too.

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