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On 21.05.21

Platinum hair gives that supermordern and powerful look, doesn’t it? And if you are looking for light blonde inspirations and care tips to have the platinum blonde of your dreams, then be sure to check out everything we’ve separated for you:

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30 photos of platinum blonde for you to rock the look change

Are you tired of that basic blond guy? So, how about investing in a very different, beautiful and original platinum blonde? The following is a list of 30 beautiful photos for you to get inspired and send to your hairdresser:

1. Wonderful, the platinum blonde conquers several women

Felipe Melo Evoóc

2. Regardless of taste


3. The type of hair

Guilherme Avelino

4. Or age


5. Are you wondering if this color is for you?

Goya Art Hair

6. So, how about taking a look at these beautiful visus?

Katia Almeida

7. Waves are even more valued with this tone


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8. Giving that idea of ​​incredible movement Hair and Aesthetics

9. The curly ones can also be played on this blond

Kethellen Reis

10. And still invest in a very modern cut

Beatriz Alarcon

11. Or classic, if more traditional

Yasmin Flores

12. How about a brush with ripples for a special occasion?

Daniel Ortiz

13. It just looks amazing

LA’BRIZZA Uberlândia

14. You can also use it on a daily basis

Bruno Skalski

15. Just give that beautiful finish on the ends

Tainá Silveira

16. And voila!

Beauty Corner

17. You can still make it very clear

Dani Paiva

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18. Or darker


19. This is very much in the taste of each one

Unity by Cristiano Inácio

20. Look at that perfect color


21. Or this mega modern

Bruna Romero

22. Even Selena Gomez joined this divine blonde

Selena Gomez

23. But remember: a platinum blonde needs daily care


24. Invest in extra time to take care of the wires


25. And so, keeping them silky and very shiny

Unity by Cristiano Inácio

26. Oh and this blonde looks beautiful in long hair

Blond hair

27. And also in more short ones

Junior Paraense

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28. So, if you are looking to innovate the time is now

Manuela Mesquita Hairdressers

29. Make your appointment at the salon

Schwarzkopf Professional BR

30. And throw yourself at the platinum blonde!


What’s up? Have you already chosen a beautiful platinum blonde that is your face? Also take the opportunity to give a makeover to everything and invest in a cut that matches that shade a lot. Believe me, you will be devastated and receive many compliments.

Tips and care that you should have a platinum blonde simply amazing

Taking care of platinum blonde hair can be an easy task if you are disciplined and have a well-regulated routine. Hair schedule and specific products for discolored hair are some of the details you need to have when going for that tone. Want to learn more tips and care to have a platinum blonde of respect? Then, check out the suggestions from the expert hairdresser in blonds, Meire Mascarenhas:

  • Use specific shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair: “Give preference to white or transparent products, since bleached hair is very easy to stain. This applies to hair masks too! Avoid red, blue, yellow masks etc., as they can end up compromising your blonde’s tone. ”
  • Use de-yellowing products: “Discolored threads tend to oxidize or yellow, so it is important that once a week or every 15 days, you use a de-yellowing agent (shampoo, conditioner or mask) to neutralize the yellowish reflections that usually appear in the blonde threads.”
  • Avoid washing your hair every day: “Platinum wires tend to dry out and become more fragile. Therefore, the ideal is to reduce the washes so as not to further intensify the dryness and fragility of the threads. The ideal is to wash twice a week, if your root is not oily. ”
  • Do not wash with hot water: “Washing your hair with water at room temperature or slightly warm, will make your hair recover faster from the aggression caused by the action of the bleach, as the hot water removes the hydro lipid mantle, leaving the hair sensitized, rough, opaque and tangled . ”
  • Make a capillary schedule: “Invest in a capillary schedule, combining hydration, reconstruction, moisturizing (with specific oils for hair) and nutrition. The ideal is to have one treatment a week. ” Ask your hairdresser for help so you can choose a specific schedule for your hair.
  • Beware of the pool and sea water: “The ideal would be to avoid wetting the wires with water from the pool or the sea, but if you happen to, before entering the water, don’t forget to shield the wires with a leave-in, it helps to mitigate the damage. Another tip is to rinse the wires with fresh water every time you leave the sea or the pool. ”
  • Avoid hairdryer, flat iron, babyliss, etc: “The heat of the sun is not the only enemy of your hair! The overuse of heat sources when styling them, can also weaken the threads, already sensitized with the use of the bleach, and make them brittle. ” Meire explained that the ideal is to let platinum hair dry naturally, but if you are going to use a hairdryer or any other heat source, protect the strands with a leave-in that contains thermal protection.
  • Go to the salon monthly: “Whoever decides on the platinum blonde has to be prepared for frequent visits to the beauty salon, since only care at home will not be enough. Whenever you go to the salon, the professional will make a diagnosis of the yarn and decide on the appropriate treatment type, be it a tint, an intensive reconstruction or even cut the tips. ”
  • Choose a brush with natural bristles: “Platinum hair is supersensitive, so replace your regular brush with one with natural bristles, because in addition to massaging your scalp, it will gently untangle the strands, avoiding the fearsome frizz and split ends.”
  • Do not mix chemicals: “If you want to have healthy platinum hair avoid mixing chemicals like progressive, sealing, botox, relaxations etc.” If you want to have straight hair chemically, think twice before going to the platinum team!
  • Retouching: “The darker the natural color of your hair, the more often it will be touch-up. So the advice is: choose the shade of platinum that best suits your hair and give preference to a more natural or smoky root, so the maintenance of your blonde will be more peaceful and, consequently, you will have healthier locks. ”
  • Look for a professional: “Don’t try to bleach your hair at home, as having a platinum blonde requires a lot of care and technique. In addition to running the risk of breaking your locks, you probably will not achieve the expected result. ”

Did you write down all the expert’s tips? Do you already have the right products in hand? So, now just schedule your time at the salon and leave for the team of platinum blondes!

How to make blonde hair platinum

Do you want to learn a little more about the process of platinum blonde hair? So, check out the videos that we separate below that explain how it works and even give tips to keep a pretty color.

How to make blonde hair platinum without yellowing

One of the biggest difficulties when it comes to platinum blonde hair is getting the tone right. And so as not to leave the threads yellow, the tip is to check out this video with the complete step by step of dear Dayane Pedrosa. Believe me, with just one product you can get the color of your dreams!

How to make blond hair platinum with the dark root

Not a natural blonde, but want to bet on the famous platinum blonde? So, how about leaving your roots dark? In addition to giving a very beautiful contrast, this type of dye is easier to care for and touch up. Watch the video and learn how!

How to make blonde hair platinum with professional tips

Do you want to make your platinum blonde at home, but following all the recommendations of a specialized hairdresser? So, this video is for you! In it, Cris Ferreira shows you every step you need to take to have the perfect and well platinum locks.

How to make platinum blonde hair of dreams

You’ve been itching for a long time to make that wonderful platinum blonde, but are you scared to death? No problem, in this tutorial, Juliana Nogueira teaches you exactly what to do and what not to do when platinizing the threads. Check out!

How to make blonde hair platinum without complications

Want to learn how to platinum and tone your blonde? In this video, Fernanda Alencar makes a complete tutorial and full of wonderful tips to get the tone right and leave the beautiful locks. It is worth watching and investing in quality products!

Remember to always give priority to a specialized professional when dyeing the threads, so you take care of them and are more likely to arrive in that dream tone! How about continuing to invest in hair care? Check out these incredible hydration tips for blond hair.

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