Preschool thanksgiving crafts: 5 fascinating ideas for the season

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How’s the plan for thanksgiving coming on?

While you focus on the theme of Thanksgiving Day – gratitude, which you need to show to your loved ones and colleagues at work, you shouldn’t forget the need to get your kids prepared with preschool thanksgiving crafts. Right?

Now is the time to support them in showcasing their awesome motor skills, visual development and skills, and creativity in craft, among others.

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There are a lot of preschool thanksgiving craft ideas that you can work them through this Thanksgiving. In a way that might seem little to you, what you are teaching your kids, in the end, is the art and heart of gratitude.

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What Can Your Kids Do with Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts?

  1. Your kids can design thanksgiving cards and give them to their friends.
  2. They can use it to say thank you to their teacher.
  3. And they can use it to tell you how happy they are about your efforts as parents.
  4. They can use it as part of your interior décor on Thanksgiving Day.
  5. They can use it to express the things they are most grateful for.

The list is endless.

Besides, helping your kids work through thanksgiving crafts is a great way for you to have fun with them this holiday. So, let’s get down to the 5 fascinating preschool thanksgiving crafts ideas.

5 fascinating Preschool thanksgiving crafts ideas

The preschool thanksgiving crafts ideas that we will be talking about, and others that you can get online don’t cost much to execute.

Most times, it’s part of letting your kids display their talents with craft papers, leaves, and fruits as we will share with you below.

1.      Bubble Wrap Corn Sun Catching Thanksgiving Craft

Bubble Wrap Corn Sun Catching Thanksgiving Craft
Bubble Wrap Corn Sun Catching Thanksgiving Craft

This is one of the fabulous preschool thanksgiving crafts that you can help your kids work through.

To do this, your kids need to take out the bubble wrap of the corn, color it, and then place the border around it.

When they are done, they can stick it on your window or the sliding door that directs visitors to the living room.

2.     Apple Turkeys Thanksgiving Crafts

Apple Turkeys Thanksgiving Crafts

This preschool thanksgiving craft is so unique because you and your kids can enjoy your effort at the end of the day.

To do this, you need candies with sticks and apples. Around each apple, the sticks of candies will be pushed in to eventually create the image of Thanksgiving turkey.

Your kids will be so happy about doing this preschool thanksgiving crafts because they can eat what they make or give it to someone they care about.

3.      Cheerio Corn on the Cob Preschool Thanksgiving Craft
Cheerio Corn on the Cob Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

The history of thanksgiving will be incomplete if we don’t appreciate the gift of harvest. The lessons which preschool teachers taught your kids about the pilgrims who met Native American and had the opportunity to learn how to grow food while enjoying the first harvest of Native Americans is useful here.

To execute this preschool thanksgiving crafts, your kids need craft paper and cheerios.

You can help them through cutting the paper, stapling them together in the color varieties they want while you leave them to placing cheerio on the craft paper.

It’s that simple.

4.      Preschool Kids Turkey Thanksgiving Craft
      Preschool Kids Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Don’t hesitate to give your kids all the chance that they can take to showcase their skills this thanksgiving.

Turkey craft is a simple and colorful design in which you need some clothespins, feathers, craft paper, paper glue, and cardboard.

5.      Gratitude Garland Preschool Thanksgiving Craft
5.      Gratitude Garland Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

This preschool thanksgiving crafts idea allows your kids to make colorful garlands to show their gratitude as well. And this can be used as part of your interior décor this thanksgiving.

All you have to do is buy them plan card prints which they can write the things they are most grateful for and pin them to the walls of the living room or even their rooms.

26 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts.


As you can see, the Thanksgiving holiday is another chance to let your kids show you the stuff they are made of and make you proud of your investment in their schooling.

The preschool thanksgiving crafts ideas we have talked about cost little or nothing. So, don’t hesitate to provide them with the materials they will need to execute any crafts.

It’s part of the fun plus spending time with kids. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to see them show their talents and creativity.

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