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Have you ever used a hair scrub? When it comes to hair care, we give more preference to masks, moisturizers and conditioners, we forget that a good scrub helps in hair health. So, check out how to use the scrub in your daily life, what are the best products and how to make your own at home in an easy and practical way.

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Step by step how to use

The hair scrub is very different from other hair treatments that require great care and a lot of time to perform. In fact, making use of this product is excellent because it is something simple, made at home without any problems. The way to use may vary with the product, but in general, the steps are as follows:

  • Choose your product, purchased or homemade mixture, and place it in a container;
  • Apply to damp scalp evenly;
  • Massage using circular movements with your finger for 2 to 3 minutes;
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove the scrub;
  • Follow with your hair care routine, shampoo and conditioner;
  • Repeat these steps every 15 days, or according to your hair schedule.

By using the scrub, you will be able to assess how your hair reacted to this care, thus deciding which is the best product or recipe for your locks. Take care when massaging, making the movements light and delicate.

The best hair scrubs

Now that you know how to use the scrub and understand the importance it can have in your hair routine, know that there are several products available. We selected 7 options that are among the most desired of beauty bloggers and youtubers.

1. Monange Hair Scrub – Growth Boost – $

For those looking for a smooth and effective exfoliation, the Monange hair scrub is excellent for this purpose. With Jojoba particles, this product provides cleansing and helps in hair growth, in addition to giving a refreshing sensation to the hair.

“I really liked this scrub, I hadn’t used one but I felt that it leaves the scalp very clean. I have dandruff due to stress and I felt that it helped to insure this aspect but also the oiliness. ” – Julia Martins

2. Sudden Exfoliating Solid Shampoo, Lola Cosmetics – $

Who has damaged or chemically treated hair, can find in the solid exfoliating shampoo a great ally. Because this product not only cleans deeply, but also seeks to hydrate and rebalance sensitive scalp.

“My hair was very clean and light. When taking the product I did not put conditioner or other shampoo on the ends, because I wanted the result of it alone. And it was incredible. It acquired a new shine and was clean for a little longer than it would normally be. ” – Nanna

3. Novex My Curls Hair Treatment and Exfoliating Mask – $$

Dedicated to curly hair, the Novex mask and hair scrub is made for those who want to renew the hair and remove residues in a deep way. Contains in its formula white clay that helps in healthy growth, in preventing fall and even provides the removal of dead cells.

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“[…] the sensation at the time of application is WONDERFUL. These microspheres make a gentle massage and as soon as you remove it from the hair it feels renewed and light, the sensation is incredible. ” – Karen Lima

4. Bamboo and Chlorophyll Detox Pre-Shampoo, Phytoervas – $$

With natural actives bamboo and chlorophyll, this product has a high astringent power, deeply cleaning the hair and keeping it healthy at the same time. This scrub gently cleanses and helps keep hair oil in check.

“The recommended for exfoliating is to use 1-2 times a week. I have only used it once a week and it has been excellent. It removes impurities from the hair too … already preparing them for shampoo application. ” – Naara Priscilla

5. Nativa Spa Hair Detox Matcha, O Boticário – $$$

Made with 83.9% of natural products, the Nativa detox hair scrub provides cleansing and renewing of the hair, without drying out or damaging. It is ideal for those who have oily hair, due to the deep cleaning of the root to the ends.

“It promotes a deep and refreshing cleansing in a gentle way. What I found cooler is that it cleaned without drying the hair and even containing sulfate it didn’t fade the hair so much. It is not a product that makes so much foam, but you feel good cleaning. ” – Carol Sweet

6. Lee Stafford Hair Growth – Exfoliating Shampoo – $$$$

Ideal for those who have fine hair, this exfoliator has a strengthening action and helps in reducing hair loss. In addition, it stimulates growth and nourishes the locks in order to prevent the strands from breaking.

“Pre-wash treatment that unblocks the follicles, removes product buildup and pollution, to make way for longer, stronger and healthier hair.” – Carol Ramos

7. Vichy Dercos Micro Peel – Exfoliant Shampoo – $$$$$

In order to treat dandruff, this hair scrub has double action and also removes waste. In its formula, it has salicylic acid and LHA that are responsible for regulating cell renewal. In addition, the shampoo has antifungal and anti-inflammatory action.

“After drying, I noticed that the threads were loose and soft. It did not leave the hairs standing on end. The scalp refreshment lasted all day. My husband also used it and loved it. I really liked the result and will continue using it at least once a week. APPROVED.” – Thays Rezende

With these products, you will be able to give your hair another life and have an even more complete care routine. Although they all have the function of deeply cleaning the hair, look for the product that is aligned with the need of your hair, whether it is one with more nourishing properties or with more action against oiliness.

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How to make a homemade hair scrub

Even with the huge supply of products, it is possible to make your own hair scrub with ingredients you have at home. Therefore, we have separated 5 videos with some recipes for you to create your own scrub and see what best suits your hair.

Hair scrub with sugar

Taking care of hair with sugar? Exactly. It is possible to make a great homemade exfoliation with some simple ingredients, including sugar, and your hair will feel all the difference. Youtuber Susanna Brasileiro taught on her channel how to make hair scrub in just a few steps.

Hair scrub with aloe and coffee

If your goal is to treat your hair so it can grow longer and healthier, this recipe can help you. Youtuber Adriana Santos showed you step by step how to make an exfoliator that will unclog hair bulbs and give more growth to the hair.

Hair scrub with coconut oil and cornmeal

Having a hair care routine is as important as taking care of your skin or body. Therefore, youtuber Lu Prestes put together a video explaining how to make a good homemade exfoliation and told a little about the importance of this care for your hair.

Exfoliating with only two ingredients

Whoever said that a good scrub needs many ingredients does not know this one. Youtuber Gabriela Bordin shows you how to have a good hair treatment using only two ingredients you have at home.

Exfoliating with three ingredients

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Exfoliation is great for those with oily hair, but those with other hair types can also take advantage of this technique. Youtuber Nathália Lazzarin showed on her channel how she exfoliates and even gave some tips for before and after this treatment.

Having well-groomed hair is very important, and it can be done in a simple way. With just a few steps, you can make your hair healthier and revitalized. To keep it that way, you must invest in creating a capillary schedule, another simple action that will make all the difference.

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