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Do you know the oil bath? This procedure has conquered women with black hair, because it promises shine, intense pigmentation and softness to the hair. We talked to the hairdresser Thalita Alcântara, from the Th ‘Beauty salon, who clarified common doubts on this subject. Check out!

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What oil bath is and what it is for


According to professional Thalita Alcântara, the oil bath is for women with black hair, specifically. It is made up of petroleum jelly, which serves to restore the vitality of the hair. Thus, your hair is hydrated, shiny, soft and much more black.

Questions about oil bath

Some doubts are very common among women looking to do this procedure for hair. Therefore, Thalita clarified the most recurring ones for us. Just spy:

  • What is the difference between shine bath and oil bath? The shine bath, according to the professional, “is a mixture of coloring or toning with hydration, suitable for dull and lifeless hair”. On the other hand, the oil bath is a procedure composed of oil kin, an oil that promotes a shiny effect and pigmentation to black hair, in addition to nutrition.
  • What is the value? The value of the procedure will depend on the length of the hair, but it varies between R $ 100 and R $ 200. You can also purchase the product for professional use at cosmetic stores, which usually has 500 ml and costs around R $ 100.
  • Does it ruin the hair? No, this procedure will not ruin your hair. On the contrary, it will nourish you, bringing softness and shine. The ideal, of course, is to look for a professional to perform this treatment on your hair.
  • Covers white hair? According to Thalita, there is no way to cover the white threads with an oil bath. After all, it is not a dye, and the oil corner only pigments black hair. However, it is worth mentioning that there are people who apply it with paint or toners of dark tones, especially at home, so the idea is spread that the white threads are covered.
  • Straighten your hair? The answer here is also no. The procedure will not straighten your hair, nor will it dye it. Also because it does not contain any component that promotes smoothing.

Now that all doubts have been resolved, how about checking how this procedure is done? Just continue with us and watch the following videos!

How to make oil bath

If you were interested in the oil bath, but would like to know about how it is done, you cannot miss the videos that we have separated. See below!

Step by step to make oil bath

From that step-by-step, you will say goodbye to dry and faded hair. In this video, you can see how to do this procedure with the New Liss Hair product and recommendations for taking care of your hair.

How to make oil bath with oil corner

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In this video, you can see a recipe that uses the oil corner, an essential component to do this procedure. It is didactic and simple, no mistake!

Homemade oil bath with paint

Here, you can see a different oil bath, made with paint. Thus, this procedure is closer to the shine bath, as mentioned by Luciana Gomes in the video. It ends up becoming cheaper, but it does not guarantee the same effect as the oil corner.

How about leaving your hair amazing with the oil bath and still innovate in the hairstyle? Check out these hairstyle ideas with loose hair that will make you even more beautiful!

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