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Those who like mystical accessories, for sure, have some kind of crystal at home. Loaded with powers, they are great for promoting the well-being of the mind and body in the most diverse situations. But, if you are still venturing into this world and want to know more about it, then the tip is to check out the following article:

what are crystals

Millennials, crystals have been present in different cultures for many, many years. Its formation is dated back millions of years by the deep forces of the Earth! This makes them powerful energy stores and channelers.

The term crystal is used to classify a mineral that is well formed, with flat faces and that assumes different geometric shapes. Oh, and they are different from rocks, which promote mystical and therapeutic effects, huh!

So, much more than beautiful minerals and ornaments, crystals have exoteric powers for those who believe, bringing everything from stress and anxiety relief, to the balance of body and mind.

What are worth for

The properties of crystals are countless! Symbols of harmony, healing and protection, they act in people’s minds, bodies and spirits – and, in some situations, even in the cleaning of certain environments. Want to know a little more about some uses of crystals? So, check it out:

  • Therapy: crystals are used to promote healing, balance and align spirituality. They are widely used in the treatment of some physical and mental illnesses.
  • Meditation: those who like to meditate can always use a crystal to help. The tip is to know which are the crystals for each chakra in the body and touch the stone when it’s time to silence the mind!
  • Decoration: in addition to bringing many mystical benefits anywhere, crystals are also great decoration items, as they come in various shapes, sizes and colors!
  • Protection: if you want to be always protected and energized, the tip is to invest in protective crystals and take them with you everywhere. Put it in your bag or use it as accessories – earrings, bracelets and necklaces are an excellent bet.

Always choose the crystal that meets the demands you need at the moment, whether it’s calming the mind, the heart or just leaving a more beautiful environment! So, you start assembling your collection of these artifacts so powerful and full of meaning.

Main crystals and their characteristics

There is no shortage of crystals. With different cuts, shapes, sizes and colors, each one has a special function. Do you want to know which are the ten most known and famous types? So, just take a look:



With a striking purple tone and very intense, amethyst is one of the best known and most popular crystals. It is widely used to relieve mental tension and excess thinking. That is, great for moments of anxiety and other tribulations that generate anguish. Those who like to meditate can touch this stone to the forehead chakra, the forehead, for 10 to 20 minutes.



Pyrite is a crystal associated with prosperity and perfect for use as a decoration in the workplace, for example. Also known as fool’s gold, this stone has a golden color very similar to valuable ore. But, always remember: it just helps to stay focused and inspire, after all, success depends on the dedication of each person.

black tourmaline


Anyone looking for protection can invest in black tourmaline! Its various properties help it neutralize and protect against all negative energies. Plus, it’s great for a room cleansing process, whether at home or at work. Oh, and because it’s a pretty stone, it’s also perfect to use in accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.



A variety of quartz, agate is a stone very much associated with soul balance, as it has the power to balance Ying Yang energies. It has many types and colors, which are usually arranged in parallel bands. In general, its powers are linked to healing both the body, mind and spirit. Agate still has a strong role in strengthening health!



With a striking yellow color, citrine is a crystal that stimulates joy and helps people to withdraw or become less susceptible to negative energy. In addition, it also offers security and confidence in the environment you are in. When meditating, the tip is to place the stone in the solar plexus, located just above the navel, for 10 to 20 minutes!

rose quartz


With a super romantic pink color, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra! Known as the love stone, it helps with inner healing and strengthens self-love. Those looking for inner peace and self-fulfillment should bet on this crystal, whether it’s time to meditate, to decorate environments or even beauty accessories, such as earrings and necklaces.

white quartz


Considered one of the crystals of greatest spiritual value, white quartz has as its main power to bring balance, as it activates and deactivates the body’s energies according to the mental order of each person. In addition, it is also a great stimulant as it works against physical and mental fatigue and relieves stress symptoms!

green quartz


Green quartz has calming and detoxifying properties and is considered the healing crystal. It is great for bringing calm to the body and mind. With a beautiful dark green color, it is also perfect in earrings and other accessories. And if you want to align those very deep emotions, the suggestion is to bet on this rock, as it promotes a balanced existence!



If you are looking for a deeper spiritual connection with your guides, then selenite is the crystal for you! This stone strengthens the spirituality and connects the wearer to the purest energies of the spirit, as well as connecting to the higher planes. It is also perfect for making purifications and even other stones.

orange calcite


Now, if you are going through a lot of tribulations in your life, then invest in an orange calcite, as it helps to organize on the physical plane, working to reprogram old patterns and bring more peace to chaos. In addition, it also brings new concepts of health and well-being! In short: this crystal promotes new spirit and disposition, as it improves the general conditions of life.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of crystals with different functions and that act in different ways. The tip is to start with what you need at the moment, be it joy, money, love or peace. Choose the stone that best fits your reality and start your collection!

Learn more about crystals: how to clean, which stones are of each sign and other trivia

Still want to learn more about crystals? So, be sure to check out this list of the best YouTube videos that talk about cleansing, energizing and which crystals are for each sign and chakra!

Crystals for beginners

Never had a crystal at home and have no idea where to start? No problem! In this video, tarot reader Cindy Wiosna explains to you the basic stones and the function of each one. The tip is to choose the ones that meet your first needs, ok?

How to clean the crystals

Feel like it’s time to clean your crystals? So, take a look at the super-complete explanation in this video. And attention, huh! Some stones cannot be cleaned in water, for example. Pay close attention to these details!

How to energize the crystals

Now that your crystals are clean the next step is to energize. For that, the tip is to watch the tips of this complete and mega didactic video by holistic therapist Vanessa Paço. And always remember to know which stone you are handling!

The crystals of each sign

Anyone who likes signs will love this video. In it, the dear astrologer Paula Pires teaches which is the ideal stone for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Oh, and you can even make a collection and choose different crystals according to your map positions!

Crystals and Chakras

Chakras are energy centers that dictate each person’s spiritual, physical and emotional stability. There are seven main such points around the body and each one has a special crystal! Are you curious? So, check out the video!

Now that you know all about crystals, how about getting deeper into your body and mind? So, check out the article on meditation and throw yourself into this ancient practice!

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