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Dark circles are one of the main complaints in dermatological practices. Currently, there are effective procedures to treat them, such as filling in dark circles. We consulted the dermatologist Flávia Piza (CRM 103499 / SP), who works in the field of aesthetic medicine and is part of the Faculty of the Allergan Medical Institute, to answer all doubts about the technique. Follow the story.

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What is dark circles filling?

The dermatologist explains that the dark circles filling “is a technique that uses the injection of a hyaluronic acid gel to soften the deep dark circles. That is, those in which there is a depression in the region of the lower eyelid. ”

Benefits of dark circles filling

We list the main benefits of the technique that treats dark circles. Check it out below:

  • Look rejuvenation;
  • It improves the aspect of tiredness and sadness;
  • Softens the appearance of deep dark circles;
  • There may be a lightening of dark circles due to the expansion of the skin;
  • Beautification.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the procedure is minimally invasive and the results are visible in a short time.

Types of dark circles filling

Know the three main types of dark circles filling and how the techniques are performed:

Hyaluronic acid filling


Hyaluronic acid is one of the most used products in fillers, as it is a natural component of human skin, consisting of N-acetylglycosamine and glucuronic acid, in addition to being extremely safe. The procedure is simple and performed under topical anesthesia (anesthetic creams). The substance is injected below the surface of the skin, filling the deep areas.

Cannula filling


Dr. Flávia explains that “there are several injection techniques, some use a needle and others, a cannula. The cannula is a non-perforating device, which is inserted into a hole made with a needle. Thus, it usually causes less bruising. However, in some cases, they may benefit more from needle injection. ”

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Filling with fat


“Fat can be used, but this usually occurs during a surgical procedure, since liposuction is necessary. In the office, we usually use hyaluronic acid ”, explains the specialist.

It is worth mentioning the importance of consulting a professional with knowledge of the techniques to perform the most appropriate procedure.

Other doubts about filling dark circles

Like any aesthetic procedure, many doubts arise that must be resolved. For this reason, we will clarify the main issues with the help of the dermatologist. Follow:

For whom it is indicated: the expert says that “filling is indicated for people of any age who have a lack of volume in this region.”

For what types of dark circles is indicated: “It is important to differentiate the types of dark circles. In some cases, we see only an increase in pigmentation or vascularization. Thus, the treatment aims to remove these, and filling in does not usually help ”, informs Dr. Flávia.

Other situations that require evaluation: another frequent situation is when the patient has flaccidity or lack of volume in the rgi – cheek region. In these cases, it is necessary to correct these issues, and only after evaluating, we will see if it will be necessary to treat dark circles. This is because when we treat the structure of the malar region, the eye area already shows some improvement.

After the procedure the area is purple or painful: both can occur, but not necessarily. Most patients recover smoothly, with mild edema being more frequent the next day.

What is the average price: “The average price varies a lot according to the quantity and brand of the product used, and also the professional’s expertise”, says the specialist.

There may be post-procedure complications: the area may bulge due to the injection technique or the chosen product, in addition to allergies or inflammation soon after the injection or later. Some people experience swelling in the treated area during flu-like conditions or inflammatory diseases. And also more serious adverse events, such as skin necrosis and loss of vision, due to the injection of the product into a blood vessel.

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The specialist emphasizes the importance of knowing the training and experience of the professional who will perform the procedure, as there are people who are unaware of the complexity of the anatomy of the face and are not able to treat possible complications.

Risks and care with dark circles filling

“People allergic to hyaluronic acid, with infection at the application site, pregnant women or who are breastfeeding, should not use the gel”, warns the dermatologist. Regarding the care “I always advise the use of cold compresses to avoid swelling, and also of photoprotection with sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, in chaos of direct exposure to the sun, in the first week or until the purple comes out, if it occurs”, complete.

Experiences with dark circles filling

Before performing the procedure it is common to suggest doubts and it is important to clarify them. Therefore, we have separated some videos with guidelines and experiences of those who have already performed the technique. It’s worth watching!

Before and after dark circles filling

Youtuber Ana Lu Masi filled it out with hyaluronic acid. She showed the before, during and after the procedure. Did she like the result? Watch it!

Cannula filling

The choice between the needle or the cannula depends on the area where the filling and evaluation of the professional will be done. In this video, you will see the procedure performed with the cannula. Check out the result and the opinion of youtuber.

Experience with dark circles filling

The influencer Ju Pabis tells how the procedure was and what orientations her dermatologist received. In addition, she explains how to complete and warns about care and the importance of performing the procedure with a qualified professional.

Can filling in dark circles go wrong?

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One of the biggest fears before filling in dark circles is not having the expected result or causing any complications. In this video, a specialized dermatologist clarifies doubts and gives some information on the subject. It’s worth watching!

There are several factors that can cause the appearance of dark circles. Learn more about deep dark circles and what are the main causes.

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