San Francisco enters in resistance by adopting a hallucinating text against the Trump administration. And decides to proclaim itself a “sanctuary city”…


In the United States, the election of Donald Trump could change the face of the country forever. While California is in the process of becoming independent, the city of San Francisco is setting an example of resistance by proclaiming itself a “sanctuary city”. More than 200 cities have done the same!

San Francisco didn’t even wait for Donald Trump’s investiture and decrees to oppose, being one of the leading figures of this resistance movement. On November 23rd of this year, the California City Council adopted a completely unbelievable textin which it takes a stand against Donald Trump’s decisions:

“WHEREAS on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to become the 45th Governor General of President of the United States, as a result of which

WAS RESOLVED: Regardless of the threats made by President-elect Trump, San Francisco will remain a Sanctuary City. We will not turn our backs on the men and women from other countries who participate throughout the city and who represent more than a third of the population. Here we have the Golden Gate: we build bridges, not walls: and, that being the case.

THIS RESOLUTION WAS TAKEN: We will never go back to women’s rights, whether in the field of health, work or any other area threatened by a man who treats women as obstacles to be demeaned or objects to be attacked. And, no less important, we will ensure that our young girls grow up with role models who show them that they can be and do what they want to be: and, that being said

WAS RESOLVED: There will be no conversion therapy or removal of rights in San Francisco. We started welcoming same-sex marriages 12 years ago, and we’re not going to stop now. And for all LGBT people across the country who feel scared, intimidated, or alone: you matter. You are seen, you are loved; and San Francisco will never stop fighting for you; and, being that

THIS RESOLUTION WAS TAKEN: We still believe in the fundamental principle of religious freedom in this nation. We don’t ban people for their faith. And the only lists that we keep are invitations to come and pray together; and, that being so

THIS RESOLUTION WAS TAKEN: The lives of people of color matter in San Francisco, even though it may not matter in the White House. And, guided by President Obama’s task force on the 21th In the 21st century, we will continue to reform our police service and rebuild a relationship of trust between the police and communities of colour so that all citizens feel safe in their neighbourhoods: and, with this in mind, we will continue to work with the police to ensure that the police are able to provide a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

THIS RESOLUTION WAS TAKEN: Climate change is not a Chinese hoax or conspiracy. In this city surrounded by water on three sides, science is important. And we will continue our work on clean energy, Zero Waste, and everything we do to protect future generations: and, that being said

WAS RESOLVED: We have been providing health care to everyone in this city for almost a decade, and if the new administration follows through on its ruthless promise to cancel health insurance for 20 million people, the people of San Francisco will be protected; and, that being said

WAS RESOLVED: We are the birthplace of the United Nations, a city made stronger by the thousands of international visitors we welcome every day. We will remain committed to internationalism and to our friends and allies around the world, whether or not the administration in Washington is or is not; and, that being said

WAS RESOLVED: San Francisco will remain a leading city for transportation and will continue to build the Muni and BART systems that we can all count on, even as the Washington administration moves forward with its plan to cut federal funding for public transit: and, that being said, “We will continue to build the Muni and BART systems that we can all count on.

WAS TAKEN THE RESOLUTION: California is the sixth largest economy in the world. The Bay Area is the Innovation Capital of the country. We will not be intimidated by threats to revoke our federal funding, nor do we want to sacrifice our values or the members of our community for your dollars: and, that being said

WAS RESOLVED: We condemn all hate speech and crimes committed as a result of this election. And although the United States will soon have a President who has shown disrespect for the values we hold in high esteem in San Francisco, he cannot and will never change who we are. We argue, we militate, we debate vigorously within San Francisco, but on these points we are 100% united. We fight discrimination and irresponsibility in all its forms. We are a City. And we’ll move forward together. »

Thus, San Francisco is head-on opposed to Donald Trump and his administration. In the same spirit, more than 200 American cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles have also declared themselves sanctuary cities.. In response, the U.S. President declared in an executive order his intention to cut off funding to territories that would not implement these orders.

A threat that does not frighten San Francisco, the city being sure of its strengths and convictions…. A few days ago, Dennis Herrera, the San Francisco prosecutor, reiterated his city’s willingness to oppose Trump: “The President’s decree is not only unconstitutional, it is anti-American. That is why we must stand up and oppose it (…) We are a country of immigrants and a land of law. We must be the “guardians of our democracy,” as President Obama asked us to be in his farewell speech. »

The anti-Trump resistance in the United States is therefore more than ever launched and does not seem to be weakening across the country!

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