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Karyna Dantas

The coppery dark blond is a good option for those looking for a middle ground between the classic dark blond and the vibrant red. Thus, the color presents a discreet and elegant background with more striking reflections, which illuminate the look. Next, learn how to get the tone and see beautiful inspirations to play with in color!

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How to conquer the dark coppery blond?

The dark coppery blond can be achieved from permanent coloring or using toner. For dark hair, it may be necessary to bleach before the procedure or, still, go through the stripping process, if there is already dye in the strands. For these processes, it is recommended to seek reliable professional help.

The numbering of the paint is usually 6.4, with 6 being the number referring to the dark blond background and 4 referring to the coppery reflection. However, some brands may have variations in this regard. If you choose to color the threads at home, remember to follow the tips on the label.

Dark coppery dark blond inks

For those who choose to color their hair is home, it is important to choose a good quality dye. Therefore, we have separated great options for you to analyze, compare and choose. Check out!

  1. Koleston Copper Auburn: it has a shade closer to copper than to blond. In addition to the dye, it comes with a color reactivating product to be applied between one color and another. Thus, the hair remains vibrant for longer.
  2. Color & Ton Auburn: unlike the previous option, this ink also has the nuance 5, so it has a darker background. For those looking for a cheap paint, this is an interesting option.
  3. Beauty Color Dark Copper Blonde: more vibrant than the previous option, but still with discreet copper. In addition to the dye, it comes with a treatment sachet and a magic drop to use after staining. It is also a very cheap option.
  4. Amend Color Dark Blonde Copper: is the most vibrant suggestion on the list and is closer to the redhead than the blond. It is ideal for those looking for a well-lit look.
  5. Dark Auburn Probelle: it is a shade of blonde more closed than the other options on the list, very close to brown. Ideal for those who have dark hair and do not want to go through discoloration.
  6. Pigmenting Mask Kamaleão Capybara: a good toning option for those who want to keep their hair vibrant. It can be used between dyes, in bleached or naturally blond hair.

Before using any product for the first time, touch it to avoid allergies. Also, follow the label’s instructions and recommendations.

25 coppery dark blond hair to fall in love with color

Once you understand how to set the tone, check out also beautiful inspirations. Certainly, the photos will definitely convince you to dye your hair that color.

1. The dark coppery blond is a discreet shade

Yank Lucena

2. Ideal for those who want to light up the visual in a subtle way

Caroline Mair

3. And for those who want a shade of blonde or red without having to discolor

Natalie Bessa

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4. But the color allows for a more vibrant result too

Luana Corgosinho

5. To do this, it may be necessary to bleach the hair

Karyna Dantas

6. Or do a pickling, if you have another dye on the strands

Gleici Duarte

7. For these cases, look for a trusted professional

Milena Melo

8. If you have experience painting at home, always follow the instructions


9. 6.4 is the number of the coppery dark blond in most brands


10. But each of them can generate a different result

Caroline Mair

11. In addition to brands, another factor that makes a difference is Ox’s numbering

Grace Cairns

12. For more vibrant tones, it is recommended to use 30 or 40 volumes


13. For more closed tones, you can use 20 or 30 volumes

Jaqueline Gawlinski

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14. How about dyeing only parts of the hair, for a light effect?

Angelica da Silva

15. You can also paint only the tips

Yasmin Neves

16. The dark coppery blonde guarantees you very bright hair

Daiana Monteiro

17. And also with a very natural look


18. The color is a little blond, a little golden and a little copper

Paloma Vidal

19. And the result is a perfect balance between colors

Daiana Monteiro

20. The dark coppery blond is discreet and elegant

Larissa Manoela

21. But at the same time, it is also vibrant and cheerful

Karyna Dantas

22. For sure, this color will leave your curls radiant

Daniella Batista

23. And you will appreciate the straight ones too

Tifany Alvarenga

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24. Choose the paint according to the desired result

Camila France

25. And shine a lot with this beautiful and bright color!


And did you like the more closed or more vibrant tones? We are sure that either option will look amazing. And if you want to see more inspirations, check out copper brown hair, which is also a great option!

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