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Ju Silveira

Do you want to stay in fashion and still be inspired by actresses who use versions of classic hairstyles? How about investing in the Bardot fringe? She is inspired by Brigitte Bardot, from the 60s, and today she has returned as a trend, making the head of actresses and fashionistas all over the world. You will surely love to change your style!

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What is the Bardot fringe

The Bardot fringe is versatile and ideal to make your face look more modern and light. It is characterized by a frayed and layered cut, in which the smallest part is located at eye level. However, it is possible to use it both straight and messier, leaving the forehead exposed. Let’s get to know a little more?

Bardot bangs match which face types?

The Bardot fringe style is suitable for those who have a more round or oval face. However, any woman can opt for this cut, which is very versatile. The most interesting thing is that it does not require constant maintenance, that is, you can use it on the side if the hair grows a little more after 15 days.

30 wonderful photos of the Bardot fringe

If you were curious to know the different ways to comb your bangs, here are the most beautiful and inspiring images. You may want to cut it yourself after reading this article.

1. You are tired of your look

Milla Sampaio

2. And you want to make a different cut

Katrine Costa

3. Inspired by style

Bruna Gomes

4. What about the actresses’ hair?

Sthefany Brito

5. Then get to know the Bardot fringe

Bigwood Primrose

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6. She is very versatile

Julie Sergent

7. And inspired by Brigitte Bardot

Lydia Helen

8. A French actress and model

Renata Meins

9. That became known in the 60s

Ali Lee

10. For talent, charm and beauty

Becka Ramírez

11. Bardot fringe became fashionable

Une Frenchie

12. Among famous actresses and singers

Zooey Deschanel

13. And now and then she returns

Zoe Ann

14. And become the center of attention


15. From fashionistas and personalities

Taylor Swift

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16. But what attracts you most in this style


17. It is the details that frame the look

Goldie Luxe

18. And leave a charming look

Julia Venturin

19. In addition to helping to balance the wires

Laura Cunningham

20. And be very practical for everyday life


21. The cut matches several face shapes

Bruninha Gomez

22. And with any shade of yarn

Milla Sampaio

23. Whether you are redhead or blonde

Carmen Luna

24. Or have colored hair

Lynsey Le Keux

25. Great news for you

Laís Flôres

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26. Who wants to change style


27. But you are in doubt whether it will be okay

Gabriela Bravo

28. Be a messier look

Ju Silveira

29. Or a tidier fringe

Andressa Paiva

30. You will definitely look very modern!

Katrine Costa

If you want to keep your cut, the ideal is to trim the ends every 15 days. In addition, dry it daily with a hairdryer, so that it looks more beautiful and draws even more attention.

How to make Bardot bangs

Although it is recommended to seek a hairdresser, many women manage to make their own bangs at home. If this is your case, check out several tutorials that will teach you how to cut your dreams.

How to cut the Bardot bangs yourself

Check out this video for step by step to get your own bangs cut. Without a doubt, it will help you a lot.

How to have a perfect bangs

If you want to get into Bardot fringe fashion and understand everything about it, watch this tutorial. You will certainly look even more beautiful.

Cutting tips

Here you will see some more tips on how to deal with your bangs, especially you who are cutting your hair at home.

The Bardot fringe renews the look, doesn’t it? Now just rock the earrings and go out looking beautiful. If you loved the cut, learn here how to cut the bangs yourself at home.

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