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Intimate epilation can be done for several reasons, from health issues to comfort. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions and bet on techniques that irritate your skin less. To better understand the subject, we talked to the gynecologist Karina Tafner (CRM 118066 SP). Track your tips.

Types of intimate hair removal

According to the doctor, “when we talk about hair removal we are referring to the removal of hair by the root. The use of a razor to shave the hair is not a depilation, as the hair is cut. The same is true with the use of depilatory creams: they cut the hair and do not pull it out at the root. ” To help you, we have selected 4 types of intimate hair removal that can be done at home. So, check below what Karina commented on the main advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Intimate epilation with razor


This epilation is done using a razor of your choice, however it is important that it has the lubricating tape. It is a practical method, perfect to do during the bath to trim the hair. It lasts an average of 4 days.

Benefits: “The great advantage of using blades is the fact that it is painless and fast, and can be done at home, without difficulties”, Karina told us.

Disadvantages: it can cause discomfort and skin irritation, not to mention that it only takes a few days for the hair to grow back.

How to make:

  1. Trim the hair with scissors;
  2. Let warm water fall in the region, to dilate the pores;
  3. Wash the area with intimate or neutral soap;
  4. Pass the blade gently, in the direction of hair growth;
  5. Clean the blade with each pass;
  6. Repeat step 4 until epilation is the way you want it.

Intimate epilation with depilatory cream


This other method is also painless, practical and trims hair. With a duration of 3 to 5 days, it is important to remember to test the product beforehand, to avoid allergic reactions. In addition, use creams indicated for epilation of the intimate region.

Benefits: fast, painless and suitable for those who did not get along with the blade.

Disadvantages: the gynecologist points out that the major disadvantage of using depilatory creams is the duration of epilation. Creams only cut hairs and do not uproot them. There is also a greater risk of allergies, especially in the intimate area, which is very sensitive.

How to make:

  1. After bathing, dry well and trim the hair with scissors;
  2. Apply the cream on the intimate region, taking care not to fall on the inside of the vulva;
  3. Leave to act for the time indicated on the packaging;
  4. Remove the cream with the spatula in the package or with a clean cloth;
  5. Wash and rinse the area well.
  6. Intimate epilation with hot wax


    The wax pulls the hair out with the root and lasts longer. However, it can be a more painful and difficult method to do alone. Its duration is 25 days.

    Benefits: for the gynecologist, “the wax helps prevent irritation and discomfort caused by the blades and is a great option, as the hair pulled out by the root takes several weeks to grow again.”

    Disadvantages: Karina states that “the wax cannot be applied to burns, rashes or other injuries that can be irritated and that can hurt you during the process.” In addition, “the ideal hair to be removed with wax is between 13 and 19 mm, so if they are longer or shorter, epilation will not be as effective.”

    How to make:

    1. Exfoliate the intimate area the day before shaving;
    2. Observe the temperature of the wax, it must be warm;
    3. Start with the groin;
    4. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth;
    5. When the wax settles, hold the skin with one hand;
    6. Pull the wax with the other hand, in the opposite direction to the hair growth;
    7. Repeat the process for the entire area to be shaved, going from the outside to the inside;
    8. Finish with soothing oil to remove wax remains and prevent irritation.
    9. Intimate epilation with electric epilator


      Electric epilators have the option to trim or remove hair and can be practical for those who want to shave outside the shower. When used in the option to remove hair with roots, epilation lasts an average of 20 to 25 days. In addition, there are specific versions for the groin and intimate region.

      Benefits: it is faster than the blade in trimming mode and allows you to pull hairs more precisely.

      Disadvantages: it can be more painful than waxing, it requires patience and it is not recommended to pass the epilator more than once in the same region.

      How to make:

      1. Pass the blade in the region 3 to 4 days before using the epilator;
      2. Wash the intimate area well and dry;
      3. If using only the razor, make movements in the direction of hair growth;
      4. If you prefer to pluck your hair, start at the groin and calmly go inside;
      5. In this case, run the machine in the opposite direction to the hair growth;
      6. Start at the lowest speed, until the skin gets used to the discomfort;
      7. Keep the epilator at a 90 degree angle;
      8. Avoid touching the device in the most sensitive areas;
      9. Finish with soothing oil to prevent skin irritation.

      These are the most well-known and used methods of intimate hair removal. It is worth testing each one until you find what you like best. Dr. Tafner leaves yet another tip: “apply a little moisturizer to the shaved area. This speeds up the skin’s healing process and makes it less rough. If you wish, before applying the moisturizer, you can take a bath to relax your skin. ”

      Care for intimate waxing


      As it is a more sensitive region, the gynecologist recommends taking care when making intimate epilation, such as:

  • Examine the skin before epilation;
  • Do not apply wax on burns or injuries;
  • Clean the skin before shaving;
  • Trim the longest hairs with scissors;
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your skin after epilation.

Following these precautions you can shave with any method without worrying about inflammation or irritation in the intimate region. After all, it is a sensitive area of ​​your body.

More information on intimate hair removal

Still in doubt about this type of hair removal? We have separated a selection of videos that provide tips and can help you select the best method. Come and see!

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Epilation with razor without skin irritation

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Tricks for getting intimate waxing right

Razor shaving is the most common and the most affordable. Therefore, we selected another video with tips and tricks to make epilation a more peaceful moment, without irritation and pain. Follow the valuable tips such as the correct direction of passing the blade, how to store the blade after use and much more.

As we saw in the article, there are many methods of intimate hair removal. However, the most important thing is that you choose one that makes you feel at ease and gives you more freedom. However, if you are looking for something that lasts longer, also check out the methods of permanent hair removal.

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