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For you who delight in always being up to date with what is in fashion or the simple fact of feeling good and satisfied with yourself for what you are wearing, we bring you a selection of the best options in short dresses to the knee. Short dresses are so versatile that they work for a gala event, a cocktail event, as well as a simple birthday party, and for the most luxurious wedding.


Likewise, wearing short dresses to the knee will get you out of trouble in any context, as they fit for dynamism outdoors, whether in the field, on the beach, etc.

Short knee-length dresses are in fashion

These dresses are not only for an elegant meeting, but there are also models of short casual knee-length dresses and those that are made of transparent fabric to be worn over the swimsuit. As for the boss’s birthday party that will be held in a luxurious event room and that, although it starts during the day, it will end late at night.

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An excellent option to choose your short knee-length dress is a model that is taking a lot on the catwalks, made with three-quarter sleeves and a semi-round neck and a wide round skirt.

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As for the range of colors, you can adopt a dark blue or between those shades of blue. This model will look very good for you to host the day party since its style is somewhat casual, but also to dance the night away, since the color accentuates its elegance.

Choose to wear it with high sandals in silver.

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For this type of event or a similar one, you have the short knee-length dress with the sleeves more cut, that is, what we call short sleeves.

Unlike the previous model, whose skirt is simple, in this one you have a double skirt, and you can continue with the dark blue, but the double part of the skirt will be in another lighter color, such as gray, the same color as your shoes.

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If we are talking about another event with much more glamor and elegance, then what would you think of a deep red velvety dress, of course with the short skirt to the knee in the style of a princess skirt that stands out for being very flowy.

Remembering Cinderella when she ran to flee from the prince, only with the short skirt.

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The size of this dress will be very close to the body and what will stand out the most in it is the detail of the dropped shoulders, with which you will wear a stone necklace that highlights your neck. In this case, high heels in silver will be the best choice.

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On the other hand, if you are going to a friend’s wedding, a dress with straps on the shoulders, fitted at the waist and a loose skirt, in white, will make you look spectacular that night. The color of the shoes is up to you.

Choose without fear as soft is a very gentle color and combines with all other colors.

You can also accompany it with a simple necklace that does not attract much attention and a cat eyes-style evening makeup.

What are you waiting to make an impact with your knee-length dress

Not least, the first date with the guy that you like for some time and finally he decided to invite you to have a cocktail at night.

How about a dress to the knee but totally fitted to the body, that allows you to show your curves but without showing too much.

cami 2

This dress will go with dropped sleeves and a semi-round neckline, and to leave it completely in love, choose it in black. With the hair semi collected on the side. And the shoes in beige.


In the event that the occasion is a lunch outing with friends, a tight dress, short to the knee, with a small flower print, will make you look fresh and pleasant.

According to the pattern you choose on the dress, that color should be your shoes.

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Now, far from the city, you are going to the beach to celebrate a friend’s wedding, so a loose white dress made of Hindu fabric and in white will be ideal for the occasion.

As you are going to walk on the sand, choose low sandals so that it is not difficult for you to move.

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As we mentioned before, short dresses are so versatile that if you go to the store you will find some models made in perforated fabric and in infinite colors, which are precisely to allow that even with it on, you can wear your beautiful swimsuit.

This model of short dresses to the knee range from very loose in all its waist or tight above and loose below.

Remember that because the setting is the navy, you must wear a garment that gives you freshness, and that is what you are looking for with this type of dress.

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Finally, we want to emphasize that this type or model of dresses is not only used to go to parties, since you can very well go to work at the office with one or more of them if you choose both the model and the color well.

In that case, the workshop-style model with skirt and jacket also counts on this list.

For example, combine a short skirt to the knee and its respective jacket, both in the same color, with a white blouse. This will always be a perfect match.

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