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By Mariana Sanches

On 03.05.21

Are you starting to venture into eyebrow design? Do you dream of working with that? So, how about learning everything about tweezers and how to use each one? We separated brands, models, tips and cool videos for you to know everything about it! Come on?

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10 best eyebrow tweezers

There are several types of eyebrow tweezers and each has a different function! Chamfered, fine point, straight point … There are plenty of options for you to pluck the hairs precisely and have the perfect eyebrow. And to know the best models, take a look at the list below:

1. Fine point tweezers – $

As the name implies, the fine tip or needle tip tweezers have a narrower tip and are perfect for finishing and removing those shorter hairs. If handled with care, it does not hurt the skin and is ideal for removing hair that is still growing. It can be found at a very affordable price!

“The finish of this clamp is perfect. You can get that one for the smallest, you know? Which, sometimes, you can’t achieve with any other tweezers? So, you can do it with this clamp here! Ingrown hairs you can also remove with this tweezers. The tip is this: stretch the client’s skin well, put the tweezers and that’s it! This is the correct way to use the needle tweezers! ” – Andreia Casagrande

2. Disposable forceps – $

Great for those who work with eyebrows, the disposable tweezers have a very affordable price – after all, a package can contain more than one hundred tweezers! However, it is necessary to take some precautions before using. Always remember to check every detail of each clamp, to make sure there is no defect.

“Before using the tweezers, I always use a cotton pad soaked with alcohol to clean these parts, even if they are new, I use alcohol to clean them. (…) You can use this tweezers a little more while lying down, in order to be able to pull a greater amount of hair. It comes in this form of straight base, so you can remove both the largest amount of hair to clean it, and you can also remove a line of hair only if you want and it will depend on the position you place the tweezers on. ” – Tábata Araujo Eyebrows

3. Diagonal forceps – $

Great for those who never made an eyebrow, this tweezer models with precision and leaves the perfect design! It is also ideal to give that arched and look up, as it pinches the largest hair very well. But remember to use it carefully, okay?

“Slightly tilted down. This tweezers will help you to remove the hairs that are bigger, it will model, it will give precision. That eyebrow that you are going to do for the first time, you can start using this tweezers here. She is going to draw, she is going to arch, so you can get the hairs that are bigger with her. ”- Ilka Cabral

4. World professional chamfered forceps – $$

Firm, this tweezers are perfect for picking up the smallest and most difficult hairs to remove. This is because it has a rougher internal part, which helps in hair removal.

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“It handles very well. The inside is very rough, so this is what sticks the hair, it holds the hair well to pull it out. So, you should notice this detail inside the tweezers: the rougher it is, the better to pull the hair out, okay? This one is worth you to buy! ” – Keila Roque

5. Tweezers tweezers Worldwide – $$

Those who prefer small tweezers will fall in love with this model. Anatomical, it is great for removing all types of hair. Yes, it has a great grip and a super affordable price.

“This clamp here is very good, it is really good with precision. Very cool, I really liked it! It is small, it is firm, it has a very good grip, although it is thin, it holds hair well. So, I really liked this one! ” – Keila Roque

6. Square tip forceps – $$

This is the most common tweezers you can find at any pharmacy or cosmetic store. With the straight end, it is perfect for removing several hairs at once. So, be careful not to damage the eyebrow design, okay?

“This tweezer has a straight tip and with it you will be able to remove the hair in greater quantity, so it ends up removing everything at once, because of the tip that is half square. Sometimes there are people who have a lot of hair in the middle, so it helps in the middle for you to get it out quickly, and here in the hair region, there are people who sometimes put it together a little bit, then you can get it out with this tweezers easily. ” – Ilka Cabral

7. Tweezers 5B- AS Vetus – $$$

Ideal for those who work with eyebrows, this tweezers are the darling of many professionals. Despite being straight, it has a slight curvature, which makes it perfect for insulating wires.

“It is my favorite forceps, it is a very versatile forceps. It is straight, but curved. Because it has this anatomy, it can be used both to make wire insulation and to make fen formation, okay? And I really like it for wire insulation, so here’s the tip. ” – Priscilla Tabet

8. Chamfered tweezers with fine point – $$$$

Another tweezers used by professionals, this chamfered model is great for cleaning the finest hairs on the eyelids with the chamfered part. Already with the fine point, it can be used with precision paints.

“It has two uses, which is: cleaning the eyelids and, at the same time, you will turn the other way around and use it as precision tweezers. What is a precision clamp? It is the one that seeks a single strand when you need it, if not when you turn the bevel it can happen that you pull more than one strand, and thus damage the eyebrow causing flaws, removing an unwanted strand. Then, use the chamfer with a fine point to make the eyelids, turn the other way around and use it as precision tweezers. This clamp is wonderful, I love it! ” – Gislene Ribeiro

9. Tweezerman beveled forceps – $$$$

Light and easy to handle, this clamp is perfect for those who want to have a precision design. The price is a little higher, but the cost and benefit must be taken into account: after all, it is made with a very high quality material!

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“This clamp is very soft! You know that tweezers that you don’t need to make an effort? It is of very high precision, ok? And its material is stainless steel, so you can autoclave it too. (…) It is a clamp that you will have for the rest of your life. I said that she will inherit it for her children. Is she face? Yeah man! But it’s worth it! ”” – Keila Roque

10. Staleks forceps – $$$$

Ukrainian product, this clamp is made of the highest quality material. Ideal for the most difficult hairs to be removed, it has very good precision and guaranteed durability – but always remember to keep it neat and handle it with care!

“It is a very good clamp, it is very light, it is one of the reasons why I love this clamp, besides the precision, of course. I love it, I like it too much. It is a clamp that has my heart. If you want to work well, then invest in a good clamp ”- Marina Cota

There are so many good tweezers that it’s hard to choose your favorite, isn’t it? When in doubt, evaluate your needs and what is worth it and it fits in your pocket at the same time!

How to use eyebrow tweezers at home

Don’t want to go to the salon and prefer to do your eyebrows at home? So, the suggestion is to take a look at these videos that we separated for you with really cool tips to make the perfect design and have that awesome eyebrow. Check out!

How to use eyebrow tweezers in a simple way

If you like to make the eyebrow using only and only the tweezers, then this tutorial is for you! Without wax or thread, this technique is very simple and easy to do at home, just be in a well-lit environment and be extra careful.

How to Use Eyebrow Tweezers Without Pain

Anyone who is still learning how to use eyebrow tweezers – no matter what – may have some problems when it comes to pain. But with the right techniques, you can make a perfect eyebrow, without hurting your skin and, of course, without feeling a lot of pain. Want to know how? Watch the video!

How to use eyebrow tweezers and have a perfect design

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One of the biggest fears of those who do their eyebrows at home is, without a doubt, the design. A fur that you take too much can compromise the whole design, right? And to help you, we’ve separated this video with valuable tips on how to design and use the tweezers alone!

Now that you know what the best tweezers are and how to use them at home, how about learning how to make the right marking for your design?

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